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  1. Inb4 call vote ruleset classic in every server.
  2. So, some background on me before I go into a rant about the game. Reflex was my first fps after a long run an rts stint reaching GM in SC2:WoL and a moderate level in wc3 Dota and dota2. Now, understanding my competitive background I must say that Reflex is the most brutal ego crusher ever created. Even in sc2 where ladder anxiety is a hot topic, you could blame cheese or the game balance for your loss. Reflex's strong suit is also its demise: it is extremely frank when expressing skill disparities. It is so thoughroughly skill based that coming in you either get your ego smashed to shit in the process of learning and leave, or push through it and are invested. The game forces a decision between scaling the learning cliff under hot oil being poured on your ego, or leaving. Noone wants to be shown how ineffective they are, but truly skill based games do a wonderful job of forcing this realization. In some players this fuels a drive to be the best - but to others it is a turn off. No matter how well your matchmaking works or how well your tutorials teach skills, the basic design is heartless. As much as I'd hate to see it happen, the only hope I see for the game is a normalization of skills involved. I'm hesitant to use that word because few know what I mean by it. 'Normalization by peaks' in music takes a track with large dynamic variance (amplitude, in this analogy skill) analyzes the highest amplitude and reduces the dynamic range by bringing up the volume of lower amplitudes, compressing the difference between the loudest and quietest amplitudes. But still maintaining the highest amplitude. (limited reduction in skill cap) In reflex this would require the old blood to give up elements that raise the barrier of entry. The difficult thing is normalizing 'just enough' so that the better player will still win a majority of their matches. But so that any player can enjoy their games at any skill level. The jist of what I'm saying is that we have to lower the skill floor so that anyone can duel anyone and have fun-without squashing the dynamic range between high and low skill too much. Let's look at the world's most popular sport football, the barrier of entry is nearly nonexistent. Think about the difference between a pro footballer and a seasoned veteran and a first timer - they are at distinctly different experience levels, but the first timer can see and appreciate how the two are better than him. In playing with them he can see the possibility of reaching there with hard work, after all they are only human, there's a limit to how superior you can be, even when the skill cap is limitless. A footballer can always get an edge over another player, but the total gap between him and the first timer stays pretty much constant. The issue with reflex is that the skill gap from a new player to a week old player has the dynamic skill range of the entire existing pro football scene, and that gap compounds upward seemingly infinitely (from a new players perspective) and continues to grow as long as veterans keep playing. For simply competing this is great because you get to see a defined 'best player' by visible margins, but when trying to bring players into an entrenched skill climb to infinity the dynamic skill gap is simply too large to sustain a population that isn't there to git gud. TLDR: raise skill floor so that the distance between the best players in the world and the worst is a fathomable margin. Focus game less on mechanics to taper skill creep. Destroy the learning cliff and generally enforce diminishing mechanical returns at a certain point.Percentile differences in apparent skill rather than orders of magnitude. FYI I don't think it's possible in the current ecosystem. But I think it is definitely possible to lower the barrier of entry, improve newbie effectiveness and keep a sufficiently high skill ceiling.
  3. yeah sorry I've kind of not been on the forums, but this has existed for a while. it does 5min and 1min warnings
  4. I cannot, I got a IP strike on my steam workshop for hosting other peoples VO's. I can make a multikill-only toggle. been thinking of making settings for each announce type. (yes to countdown, no to medals, yes to ctf. etc)
  5. meowgli

    An assortment of suggestions after 40 hours.

    Shameless plug to subscribe to "mgli" on the workshop for an announcer widget. Also, expecting a pentium4 to hold up is a little bit ridiculous, kind of like asking for a 9800 to play reflex at 144fps. Other than that, I see all good things here.
  6. When you update your widget through the workshop addon, I guarantee you will have issues if you do not clean your past installation. Please delete mgli_A.pak
  7. meowgli


    Very clean, please add a timer somehow (clock not items)
  8. holy fuck man - you're incredible. I should just give up you have the entire lua scene on lockdown.
  9. meowgli

    [.45.2] crouching while in air/jumping - inconstancy

    would make movement a little broken if it pulled legs up.
  10. This is a hit sounds widget that functions without replacing client audio files. (something a few people have had issues with). it has the added benefit of being really easy to change hit sounds ingame. if you don't want the underlying game audio files, you can delete them in internal.pak if you wish. now with addons, I may make a version that overwrites hitsound files. there are currently 31 32 sound files available to choose from. if you want me to add more in the widget officially, message me anywhere with the files you want added. Features: volume control separate sounds for events sliders - EVEN FINER CONTROL NOW mute toggles nothing else this is really dead simple I have moved this widget over to an ad Addon on the steam workshop. you can find this widget as MGLI_S using the in game addon browser or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788432950 ALL FURTHER UPDATES AND PATCHES WILL BE DISTRIBUTED THROUGH THE WORKSHOP UNDER MGLI_S REMEMBER THAT THIS WILL ONLY FUNCTION WHILE A GAME IS IN PROGRESS Download old unsupported version https://www.dropbox.com/s/fv1pj3b1nprz57t/mgli_sound.pak?dl=0
  11. meowgli

    Simple net info popup

  12. meowgli

    Audio indication of incoming IC damage.

    pretty self explanatory. I can get around to it in 2 months. going out of town tomorrow without internet for 2 months - and packing tonight
  13. meowgli

    Hit indicator widget

    as an alternative, if you just want a sound telling you your being hit: