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  1. jim01q

    Looking for a TDM 4 x 4 map

    Think it might be cpm21, yes. By workshop, do you mean the steam workshop?
  2. I remember the map from CPMA but it was probably a remake from an older game. It was a TDM 4x4 and there was an invulnerability at one end where it was like a small moat surrounded by lava and if you fell into it, you suicided. Can't remember much else other than the map was quite big and have a quite a few vared "biomes" as you went around it. It was widely regarded as one of the best CPMA 4v4 maps. Has this been remade for Reflex please and if so, where can I get it. Thanks in advance.
  3. jim01q

    46 kills vs bots on FFA: Fusion

    I think it was a 5 min limit before. I upped it to 10 and now have 92 kills in 10mins. Phenomenal skill
  4. Hi. I suck at this game but have got 46 kills vs the bots in the default setting of Play>> Bots >> Play (FFA: Fusion selected) I know all the bots predictable behavior. I would be grateful if a pro could upload a demo beating my 46 kill record. Most grateful. Thanks , bye. PS Does anyone know how I can increase the length of these games. They are only 5 or 7 mins long (not sure). I would prefer 10min to be the default