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  1. I think 'Control Shift' is pretty good, it still has relevance to CTF and has real world implications as well, which is nice.
  2. So I accepted an MM instagib match, but the other two players didn't accept, so it went away but then it said 'competitive duel' and the other player accepted and that was it - basically the 'accept/cancel' option didn't appear on screen, it seemed to take my acceptance of one mode as acceptance of any mode. Might be a bug if a second match for a different mode is made soon after another match isn't made?
  3. Feature Request: REPLAY BROWSER

    Yes, this would be very nice indeed
  4. I've noticed this a few times now: you hit escape and click on 'change map' to call a vote for a new map, but you're faced with this: The game is telling you that it is connected to Steam and has access to the Steam Workshop, but no results for your search are shown. Changing mode, clearing search field, changing filter; none of it helps. But, you ARE connected to the Workshop and thus you can use callvote wmap <workshopID> to call a vote successfully. This might well not be a bug but a Steam API thing, I have no clue, but since I've encountered it a few times now I figured I'd post in this subforum and see if anyone else has experienced this.
  5. Replay Editor Guide

    This is solid fucking gold mate, great work
  6. A new Player

    This! ^^^ And welcome to Reflex mate, I'm sure you'll have a blast! Put a bit of time into learning the movement system and trickjumps and I'm sure you'll instantly find it rewarding, and when you start mixing it all up with tactics and weapons... It's just great fun. A large chunk of the community hangs out on the official Discord server that Owl linked above, it's very useful for finding games (just ask if anyone wants a game in the #global and/or #newbies channel, and at peak times, you're bound to get at least one response. Also you might want to check out https://reflexlinks.github.io/, full of useful content. And dare I say it, I have some demo reviews and other Reflex related videos on my little Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/fractaljaguar. A few people have told me my videos have been helpful, so I'm pimping it out Welcome to Reflex bud!
  7. Should Reflex Arena be free?

    Indeed, I think the fact that 1.2 has been going so slowly indicates that the devs are probably working elsewhere right now, for the money, and thus dev time on Reflex is much less than before and is stretched out over time. Profit from sales is probably gone by now. As long as the polish necessary to make the game VERY accommodating for new players is in 1.2, and is tested well, going F2P would probably be a good thing. Lots of people would try the game out with their friends, the matchmaking system will work very nicely indeed, and those who stick it out and get ranked properly, and those who learn the game with their friends outside of the MM system, will probably have a blast and some of them will stay. Because Reflex is a damn fine game.
  8. Good point! My idiocy shall serve to educate us all
  9. fragile just told me that you said this, and I've just tested now and it works, and I feel like a real dumb ass Thanks Kaw. Maybe a mod can just delete this thread
  10. I've got thousands of replays and have them all stored on a drive, separate from the main game folder, just to help me organise them .Race replays, my marked replays, replays for demo reviews, all sorts of things - I'd love to be able to save diskspace and be able to read the replays from within the game by storing them in subfolders within the main 'replays' folder. I'm sure this wouldn't be tooooo hard to implement (speaking as a programmer!). Would anyone else find this useful? I know it's just an ease of use kinda thing, and only for replays, but still
  11. Custom Ruleset Poll

    Hip hip hooray!!
  12. What do you want for race mode?

    Hard to detect when an accelmeter widget is being used though, unfortunately. Not sure how it could be done.
  13. What do you want for race mode?

    Yeah, unfortunately the race community kind of caters to itself so few maps are easily completed by beginners with no knowledge of strafejumping, bhopping, circlejumps, etc... only a few maps qualified for my 'easy maps' server rotation. The vast majority of maps are also full of gaps, which I bitch about regularly They have their place of course, but it's quite limiting for new players.