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    gt5 - Driven

    Great map :)
  2. I'd like this post to be a sort of 'master list' of all the things the race community would like to be implemented. I know the devs are aware of some of these, but I thought it would be helpful to them and us to have all ideas and suggestions in one place. So I shall list them here, others can reply, and I'll update this original post. Feel free to tag them as 'critical' or 'would be nice' or whatever For now I'm going to type them off the top of my head, asking people in #racing Visibility Option to toggle player models on and off. Translucency option would be nice too. Ghosts Race against your own personal best time. Racing against other people's ghosts might be frowned upon as it will reveal routes, but personally i think this would be nice. You can see other people's routes easily enough by spectating them in game, and you'll notice other's routes as they pass you by in game as well. Leaderboard system We know that since the training update, the framework for this is in place, and modders have let us access the database so we can see our times. Crucially, it would be nice if times could be uploaded to this database as and when records are set, instead of at the end of the round. Default timelimit for race is 60 minutes which makes this quite annoying, so community race servers with custom timelimits are a must. Which leads me on to... Timelimit Ability to vote for this would be nice, either by defining a time or just having a selection to choose from. Once people don't have to worry about waiting until the end of the round for their new personal best to be saved, it'd be nice to be able to vote for al onger timelimit for thos maps that are longer, and shorter ones for the short maps so it doesn't feel quite so grindy. Let us vote! Map editor related stuff People have mentioned 'slick' surfaces, which would be fun. I also think a high friction surface for mapmakers to choose from would be fun as well, especially for climb maps. Could be fun to test anyway. Also official support for checkpoints and split times. Let me know what I've missed and what you would like to see for this most awesome of game modes!
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    Reflex 1.2.0

    I don't think the spawn system is broken. The reason you occasionally get spawns which feel unfair are because if the spawn system was as simple as 'spawn you as far away as possible' it is extremely predictable. Which is bad On top of that you have the situations whereby you go through a teleporter just before they spawn - good example of this is you kill someone by shotgun on Cata and go through the teleport. Literally spawning them at the other end of the map puts them at the GL spawn close to the tele - the tele happens to link to the other side of the map and the game doesn't know that. There might well be room for improvement on the spawn system but having it factor in things such as player velocity and teleports would be a lot of dev time. Just thinking about it is giving me a headache on behalf of shooter.
  4. Jaguar

    Improving the handicap mutator

    That is absolutely fair, and I was aware of it - my reasoning was the weaker player would be aware of what was going on, so should also be aware of the risk of forming bad habits. If they decide to get serious about it, they'd obviously strive to not need any kind of handicap system. I'm also thinking about the game of go, where the weaker player can start with some of their stones already on the board. As they get better, they reduce that number of stones. Fun fact, that is where martial art grades/belts come from (white belt would be 9th kyu, 9 stones, etc etc). And of course, it would give them a fun game, hopefully. A very good point! Also a very good point! There's never a simple solution eh. This is why i'm thinking different types of handicap mutator would be a nice option. That way you're aware of what you're getting (free extra damage to the scale of x, or free global damage resistance to the tune of y).
  5. I believe the general consensus is that the handicap mutator makes little difference, and I think this should be addressed. Critically, I think the mutator should let the losing player have /fun/. Time for some brainstorming! I think a good potential direction is for the mutator to apply a multiplier to damage output and/or damage resistance (regardless of armours). I also think rather than having it scale as the score differential increases isn't necessarily the best thing. I was thinking perhaps a scaleable mutator that you can vote for. e.g. vote for a 2x multiplier to damage output, or a 1.2x multiplier. That way as the player learns new things and progresses, they can request a smaller multiplier than they previously used and get a sense of achievement/improvement. Some testing would probably be required to see just how much extra damage output a good player could handle, but I think this would go a long way towards letting a complete noob take a fight and have some fun. Perhaps it doesn't even matter if it means the player with the mutator is going to win. Good players won't care and it'd be fun to figure out ways to handle the situation (although being careful not to turn it into a bolt fest). The game really needs to handle this better to increase new player retention. A new player is most likely to get a duel as their first game (they might queue for ffa and not get a game but you only need /one/ player to get a duel, right?). It's crushing for a new player to get stomped and we all know even a small skill difference can lead to 50:0 games. Let's soften the inevitable early blows and let new players have FUN fighting, trying out the weapons, and jumping around the map. Let them know they're being afforded an advantage that they can opt to scale down if they want to improve. Lastly, @shooter, how does the handicap mutator currently work? I believe it increases stack progressively in line with point difference?
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    Thunder FFA #1

  7. Jaguar


    Can I get a gconst that makes my robot have a tail? I'm trying to get a full jaguar, one body part at a time.
  8. Jaguar

    sv_pure poll

    Exactly. A whitelist system really strikes me as the best and only viable option. And yes, that adds work for the devs, but maybe the community can help filter out the crap and ask for things to be whitelisted instead of the devs going through everything. The customisation aspect is so fucking awesome for the HUD, and it's fun to play with sounds from games of yore and whatnot. But competitive play means as level playing field as possible. Completely level, ideally. But this isn't chess, this is a videogame played over the Internet so there's equipment differences and all sorts. Adding the features we have for addons as actual in-game options strikes me as highly sensible. I'm sure the addon authors would be happy. I hear sometimes there are legal issues when it comes to incorporating community content into the game but hopefully that's not the case here. Bottom line for me is I want my DP2 HUD and my visual clarity tweaks (I distinctly remember being at yellow armour on simplicity like a year ago in the middle of a duel, and being totally blinded in a firefight. In that tiny moment in time I was like "well wtf, how do I aim". Instantly added a visual clarity addon; never happened again). I don't use any sound replacements but I know it's easy to put in a foghorn sound for the mega timing out. I think they shortened the max length of sounds a while back so you can't have a "THIRTY SECONDS" sound but yeah. Whitelist this shit. I'm sure we can have the awesome customisation we have now, AND a more level playing field in competitive play. We all know what advantages are out there.
  9. Jaguar

    sv_pure poll

    Region: EU Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Diamond (briefly :P) Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: I use DP2 HUD and some visual clarity addons Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes Why? Because I've seen some of the timer widgets available and I'd like a level playing field. Just as long as HUDs and perhaps some custom soundpacks get approved.
  10. Jaguar

    [1.1.5] Replays broken

    Tried this just now, happens to me too.
  11. I think 'Control Shift' is pretty good, it still has relevance to CTF and has real world implications as well, which is nice.
  12. So I accepted an MM instagib match, but the other two players didn't accept, so it went away but then it said 'competitive duel' and the other player accepted and that was it - basically the 'accept/cancel' option didn't appear on screen, it seemed to take my acceptance of one mode as acceptance of any mode. Might be a bug if a second match for a different mode is made soon after another match isn't made?
  13. Jaguar

    Feature Request: REPLAY BROWSER

    Yes, this would be very nice indeed
  14. Rambling about Reflex whilst watching a close duel I recently played against Sandbox in MM. Original Post below Hi! I have a YouTube channel and Twitch channel and record quite a lot of gameplay, and make videos of whatever I'm playing intensively at the time... which, currently, is Reflex! I've already recorded got a few videos up on my channel and I recently casted the first Instacup 1v1 tournament (complete noob quality because it was my first live cast, and my first live cast of an arena FPS game. And my first time spectating an arena FPS game, really!). Anyway, I figured I'd make a single thread in this forum, in which to post my future videos. I've just uploaded this one: I hope you like it! Feedback is most welcome, and constructive criticism too. Getting notifications that someone has left a comment on one of my videos makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Stay tuned for more! Suggestions are also welcome. I've started work on a video project for Reflex, so, hopefully, something nice will soon appear on my channel. I've been gathering Reflex gameplay footage, and spectating players better than myself, in order to finally edit some sort of highlight video. It should hopefully serve as a 'this is Reflex right now, it is awesome' kind of video. Looking forward to fragging you
  15. I've noticed this a few times now: you hit escape and click on 'change map' to call a vote for a new map, but you're faced with this: The game is telling you that it is connected to Steam and has access to the Steam Workshop, but no results for your search are shown. Changing mode, clearing search field, changing filter; none of it helps. But, you ARE connected to the Workshop and thus you can use callvote wmap <workshopID> to call a vote successfully. This might well not be a bug but a Steam API thing, I have no clue, but since I've encountered it a few times now I figured I'd post in this subforum and see if anyone else has experienced this.
  16. Jaguar

    Replay Editor Guide

    This is solid fucking gold mate, great work
  17. Jaguar

    A new Player

    This! ^^^ And welcome to Reflex mate, I'm sure you'll have a blast! Put a bit of time into learning the movement system and trickjumps and I'm sure you'll instantly find it rewarding, and when you start mixing it all up with tactics and weapons... It's just great fun. A large chunk of the community hangs out on the official Discord server that Owl linked above, it's very useful for finding games (just ask if anyone wants a game in the #global and/or #newbies channel, and at peak times, you're bound to get at least one response. Also you might want to check out https://reflexlinks.github.io/, full of useful content. And dare I say it, I have some demo reviews and other Reflex related videos on my little Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/fractaljaguar. A few people have told me my videos have been helpful, so I'm pimping it out Welcome to Reflex bud!
  18. Jaguar

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    Indeed, I think the fact that 1.2 has been going so slowly indicates that the devs are probably working elsewhere right now, for the money, and thus dev time on Reflex is much less than before and is stretched out over time. Profit from sales is probably gone by now. As long as the polish necessary to make the game VERY accommodating for new players is in 1.2, and is tested well, going F2P would probably be a good thing. Lots of people would try the game out with their friends, the matchmaking system will work very nicely indeed, and those who stick it out and get ranked properly, and those who learn the game with their friends outside of the MM system, will probably have a blast and some of them will stay. Because Reflex is a damn fine game.
  19. Good point! My idiocy shall serve to educate us all
  20. I've got thousands of replays and have them all stored on a drive, separate from the main game folder, just to help me organise them .Race replays, my marked replays, replays for demo reviews, all sorts of things - I'd love to be able to save diskspace and be able to read the replays from within the game by storing them in subfolders within the main 'replays' folder. I'm sure this wouldn't be tooooo hard to implement (speaking as a programmer!). Would anyone else find this useful? I know it's just an ease of use kinda thing, and only for replays, but still
  21. fragile just told me that you said this, and I've just tested now and it works, and I feel like a real dumb ass Thanks Kaw. Maybe a mod can just delete this thread
  22. Jaguar

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Hip hip hooray!!