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  1. neeple

    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    Those plasma changes sound really good. I hope they make for better area denial
  2. I think you have to build the game for a large playerbase or a large playerbase will never come. If they build the bare minimum when it comes to features and only try to support the small number of existing arena fps fans then the game will never satisfy people outside of that bubble and wont see any growth. Dont implement matchmaking (or other modern social features) and you limit your ability to ever get a crowd large enough for matchmaking to work. Simply having great gameplay isnt enough these days. Infrastructure is king
  3. neeple

    hello! newb questions

    I like the clock seconds being visible. It offers the chance for different playstyles. It will never be mandatory to use the seconds to compete at a top level. Some top QL players time by feel and instinct. But it allows the scenario where some players like to time by seconds, some like to time by feel and the advantages and disadvantages that come with each (instinct players dont have to worry about remembering seconds, timing players do but they have an exact time and can use this for steals and assurance). Thats one of the cool things about arena fps duel games. The fact that even though there are no classes or loadouts and everyone plays with the same starting health, guns, armour and maps, there is still tons of room for different playstyles because theres the option to choose with things like this rather than being forced down a path (eg. being forced to time by instinct)
  4. neeple

    Reflex 0.39 - Arbitrary gibberish

    Ooh baby THCT7 looks good. So does the burst gun, I hope the other guns will get the same treatment
  5. neeple

    Post your WIP screenshots!

  6. neeple

    Anti-Cheat Analysis

    Oops, I missed your other comments. I think you're fun again.
  7. neeple

    Anti-Cheat Analysis

    You guys are fun
  8. neeple

    There need to be major weapon balancing changes

    If youre constantly getting yourself into close up fights then the RL will seem like the best weapon. The IC and Rail are both perfectly viable at their respective ranges and in the right situations. Its probably down to the way your playing and your accuracy with the hitscan weapons that makes it seem this way. Also plasma climbs in this game are bananas and way faster and stronger than most games. I dont think it needs any more juice
  9. neeple

    burst gun?? chainsaw!

    There are also tons of swingable weapons you could have as cosmetics, you dont need to introduce a new melee type for this to be an option. We havent even got to the many different varieties of melee dildos yet
  10. neeple

    Redesign proposal of burst gun

    Yeah I always thought it was nice that the MG had a role even if it was quite niche and if your opponent wasnt smart about it they could take some reasonable damage, but the gun is still far worse than the others. A nice balance. The burst gun has grown on me a little but I bet it frustrates the hell out of new players. I think something like a QW shotgun would be more useful off spawn, more satisfying for new players and a solid weapon to use during carnage runs and for finishing kills so it has a role and it would still be a weak spawn weapon that encourages you to get other guns. But like I said, the burst gun is growing on me, and once you get better at using it, it feels less useless
  11. neeple

    [dp8] - unforgiving

    I think the bush mesh should be swapped out for something else (the one on the jump pad and the one you can double jump on). It seems like a weird mesh to use for it and I didnt even know you could double jump on it until I saw someone do it in a video. Really sexy map though. Definitely the nicest looking DP map. I always liked playing it
  12. neeple


    I disagree that the map is easy to control and hard to recover from. The geometry makes it easy to set traps and catch people out when they are going for items or moving around. If you dont have the stack to contest for an item you can almost always make up for it by setting a trap for the player who is going to pick it up. The yellows are in great positions to deal damage from which helps also. I've only had about 15 duels on it and I'm not a top player but thats what I've experienced so far.
  13. neeple


    You mentioned that the spawn at top yellow (near the plasma) means you have to go straight to the red, but really its a quick route to red or the mega. I think the starting spawns are pretty even. Even if one person gets mega+YA and another gets YA+RA, you both should have rocket launchers and another gun and pretty equal stacks. I've had some of the closest and fairest games on Ruin and havent yet felt dicked over by spawns or weapon layout. You need to play more games on it before you say "its a shame when someone puts so much effort into a map and it doesnt even work". Bit of a dismissive statement after game 1.
  14. neeple


    I'd love to see it. They are pretty funny in quake 4. I would especially love to see players getting cut in half when they die from LG or heads popping off from rails and stuff, but I'm sure thats not easy to implement. It would look great though. It would be good if you could turn them on and off too, so people who dont want them can stick to people gibbing with each kill instead
  15. Very cool, happy to help out anyway I can