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  1. ique

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    I don't think Diabotical and Reflex are going to compete much anyway. As far as new players are concerned, more exposure for AFPS in general brings more people into both games. No need to be salty. Keep on 'flexin.
  2. ique

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Woah, fantastic news. Great days ahead for Reflex!
  3. ique

    Reflex - 0.49.2

    R O A D M A P
  4. 2.2 is out now too. I need to get on this! Edit: It works, somewhat, but my sound is completely bugged out. It's been ages since I tried installing something in wine, it's entirely possible I did something wrong. Will try more another day
  5. Current TDM is entirely unintuitive for players that aren't used to the way it was played in the old 90's AFPS games, so I agree with you. That said I don't think it's doomed to forever be unpopular. A good start would be to not call it TDM, actually. Call it something like "Resource Control", because that's really what it's about. And additional features to make it super obvious for new players they need to control weapons/armour and maintain good positioning.
  6. ique

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    If I'm allowed to comment on general game design for a few sentences... I think it's a real shame that so many arena shooters or quake-likes don't play around with explosive weaponry. You always have just one rocket launcher and that's it. The grenade launcher is too impractical in combat to use reliably, but it has potential (and the reflex gl is one of the better ones, even if the rockets are always better). Having 2 or multiple weapons that use explosive damage and knockback would be a lot more interesting from a game balance and combo stand point. I don't know how finalised the reflex devs feel the current arsenal is, but maybe it can be some food for thought. When I played competitive TF2 my main class was demoman and while the sticky grenades are obviously super cheesy and wouldn't fit a game like Reflex I really liked playing with strong projectile weaponry which filled different niches and allowed you to be very creative in your playstyle. As for the reflex rl, I'm happy with it overall. I always liked the strong, "slow" rocket design generally, so if there were to be changes that is the direction I would like it to go.
  7. ique

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Black Ops 3 has a melee weapon that's a dismembered robot arm that you run around and slap people with. You should totally steal it.
  8. I would also like to suggest a new shotgun reload/cocking animation. The current one is very simple and doesn't give a good feeling that a BOOMSTICK should. Compare it to something like Doom 2's super shotgun or trench gun from CoD2 and you can see how it's lacking. That and making the weapon move back more when shot would give it an entirely different feeling.
  9. Super sweet to have an official 2v2 mode in the game. It's not only very fun, but when you can party up before matchmaking some time in the future I think it could be a fantastic beginner mode too to just jump into with a friend.
  10. ique

    Reflex 0.47.6 - Merry Christmas!

  11. Outside of a few specific weapons in T:A, there has never been full inheritance in Tribes (I believe 50% is correct for T:A). 100% inheritance actually feels quite unintuitive. Dodging makes projectiles go in seemingly random directions, moving very fast can leave very slow moving projectiles that seem to hover in mid air. With such slow moving projectiles that reflex has I could only see inheritance feel very weird. With much faster projectiles like something mimicking real life I could see it being neat.
  12. ique

    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    Fantastic update! I think race mode should be exempt from ragequits/losses stats in your profile. And while I do like that you get awards while racing as well, perhaps some should be re-thought (for example, getting a comeback medal simply by setting a time).
  13. There are plenty of servers but not plenty of players. Having people join the server you're playing on in the hopes of a game, only to be kicked by you, is a waste of both people's time. It is not easy to avoid and I don't see how you can say that - there is no way to see who's playing on a server in game and you'd have to recognise your nicks as well, something new players especially aren't going to do. I think you have to consider here that since you're on public servers, you're disturbing the joiners just as much as they do you. Maybe there's even some friendly person that can loan you a server to play on? Otherwise you can easily rent a server for very cheap, and hosting yourself is always an option. If you're only two, there should be a good bunch of 2 slot servers around too.
  14. ique

    Throwing Melee

    omg yes Screw matchmaking I want this first