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  1. pobdoq

    Damage through walls playing out well so far?

    I love dmg through walls/floors. In QL on aerowalk, when the other player is on the red armor, I hate having to shooting rockets on different edges from different angles hoping one will hit. If dmg through walls was enabled things would be very simple: Don't fucking stand on red when it's not up yet
  2. pobdoq

    Will instagib be a thing?

    Show ladder ratings only for duel, tdm, and ctf. Then once ca and instagib players get better at the game they will switch to the competetive modes to build up their ePeen
  3. pobdoq

    [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    Does instagib count as an arena mode? Anyway, I got into quake because of instagib. I saw Get Quaked 3 -> had to try that shit out -> came to the conclusion it was way to hard -> played instagib. It was only later in quake live that I tried other game modes after seeing some streams of duel competitions.
  4. pobdoq

    sell them hats!

    YES YES YES YES YES yes plz
  5. pobdoq

    sell them hats!

    Sweet, If I could buy different anouncers in QL I would have bought one instantly. I'd love to have an anouncer similar to the one in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq2Glc7hudY Current QL anouncer sounds boring
  6. So glad to hear that. Having a tough time doing them right consistently. I wouldn't mind it being a little easier
  7. pobdoq

    Wall clipping?

    I think something newborn said something about this somewhere some time ago, but I don't remember and I can't find anything about it on this forum. Is there any chance wall clipping will get into the game? When jumping around on a few maps I kept trying to do it out of habbit >.< Anyone else who also likes wall clipping? (or who doesn't)
  8. pobdoq

    Best ladder style?

    I don't really care that much about what system is used, but what I do really really want is a queueing system. When I play duel, I don't want to browse through servers/matches. I want to press a queue button, wait (preferably only a few seconds), and get matched up against another player based on the ladder/matchmaking system. I absolutely loved this when playing WoW arena. Quake Live has something like this, but it searches for a server with someone already present. Someone else might join before you, so you end up not being able to play. What I want is to get matched against someone who is also in the queue, then get a server assigned to us.
  9. Thnx, I didn't rly understand the stair jumps and didn't know about the wall hugging thingy
  10. pobdoq

    Mouse sensitivity

    Holyshit, if that is correct I use 60cms/360 in quake live O.o I use 0.03 accel
  11. pobdoq


    I want to try a duel on this map so bad