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  1. mica

    PLEASE make 200ms playable!

    newborn i cant get good ping from my moonbase pls make the game playable at 2500ms ty in advance
  2. mica

    2016-04-24 | [AU] Duel Cup

    what is the map pool?
  3. mica

    LocKtar Stream

  4. mica

    c o s m e t i c s

  5. mica

    0.36.2 Point Release

    you can just put your own hitsound in.
  6. mica

    New weapon concepts!

    so do we wave goodbye to the concept friendly character now?
  7. mica


    just drag the folders and paste the console commands so the hud elements are placed properly. remember to back your own stuff up.
  8. When I wanted to hide the armor bar, I tried to set barAlpha to 0, but I wanted the icon to change colour depending on the protection level. But setting iconColor to true means it grabs the barAlpha value as well, hiding the icon if the bar is also hidden. You can hide the bar while retaining the coloured icon by commenting lines 83 to 110 in ArmorBar.lua
  9. mica


    quick hud just mucking around with some stuff to make my QL hud. console commands are included. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7f5cyl1516eo3y9/mXhud.rar?dl=0 In-Game 'Fragged' is almost centered
  10. mica

    New (WIP) HUD Critique

    do we know if the hud update will allow for custom hud creation? I like the new hud but it bugs me that it isn't symmetrical. I just want to be able to move the stuff around. maybe a minimal mode that gets rid of the bars and just has the values and icons?
  11. I was playing aFFA with Profanum and hit him with a stake and the damage text came up 5 times and he died in 1 hit. Round had just started so he had definitely not taken any damage beforehand.
  12. iirc the reason for outlines instead of brightskins was already explained a while ago. EDIT: okay I just realized i didn't reply to the post requesting brightskins and instead just made a normal post.
  13. 1. Forum doesn't have a function that allows me to downvote people who want the game to be quake.
  14. mica

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/micalexan/ Australia 12am - 9pm aest low+/mid-