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  1. wh1te


    Fucking hell Kered, you are making an amazing job! Thank you so much for putting your time into it and actually creating a widget that does that! You are da best!
  2. wh1te


    A widgets that allows you to mute a particular person from typing in the chat.
  3. DP5 - 2x YA, 1x RA and 1x MH. It has the main weapons as well.
  4. wh1te

    T7 Furious heights

    Let's play Dust 2, Nuke, wdm2, wdm13, nuketown etc. then. You like ports, I don't. I still believe that a standalone game should not have ports, even if the maps are good, we have a lot more better maps imho created by the Reflex community and even by you. Again though, that's just my opinion and you will do whatever you want to do
  5. wh1te

    T7 Furious heights

    You already have both, hence why I said there should be no more ports because it will divide the community into those who play q3 maps and those who play Reflex maps. Also, don't forget that even though Reflex is based of cpm, doesn't make it another game with maps that are 15+ years old. As much as I love cpm22, hub, aerowalk or however else you know this map under, I'd rather have reflex maps only because this is a standalone game.
  6. wh1te

    Mega Health Size

    Rather than making it bigger, the visibility of it could be improved or even making a new icon and animation for it.
  7. wh1te

    T7 Furious heights

    As much as I'd like to play t7 again, I think this is the time where people stop exporting the maps from different games to Reflex. We have enough quake maps already on the workshop. You guys have all the utilities to create your own map and make it one of the official branch maps so imho, I wouldn't even bother with converting it. I hope you can understand my point of view.
  8. wh1te

    Mid week pep post

    There's a lot things that can be said about our developers. Personally, I have never been involved into developing a game as much as I am right now and so is everyone else. This is the first time that I've came across 4 devs that always accept your input and try their best to make sure that they provide you with the best they can. If the community hasn't realised yet, @newborn @shooter @Electro would stay up the whole night most of the time for us EU players to make sure that they are able to communicate with us and have our input put into consideration. TurboPixel studio is a small "company" that has only few people working within it and most of their profit comes from us supporting the game, buying supporter items, buying extra copies of the game and sharing the word about an alpha standalone project. Reflex Arena is probably the game that many afps players were waiting for and seeing how many CS:GO and TF2 players are coming to join us on this amazing journey makes me happy. As an alpha game, it also has surprisingly only minor bugs meaning that the devs are doing something right! I could literally go on and talk about how nice @newborn @shooter @Electro and @YasashiiKyojin are but you guys know from your own experience that whenever you need help or have an idea, they were and still are always there for you. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the project boys, for some of us it means the world P.S. If any of you guys have friends that wants to play the game but don't have the money to buy it, gift them. I'm almost certain that they will thank you for that and pay you back asap they get paid. Peace out!
  9. wh1te

    The Edge Abyss [RACE]

    Here's a new race map from me out of at least 10 unreleased maps that I've been working on the course of one year. If you guys have any suggestions, bugs etc. just pop up either here or on dc and I'll make sure to take your feedback into notice. Thanks! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706795253
  10. wh1te

    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    Hands down, the best update so far! Thank you dudes!
  11. wh1te

    What's different in the movement?

    Not as wide as you are.
  12. wh1te

    .43.0 experimental IC

    I don't think that's necessarly what happened when you were dueling whilst using experimental ruleset. There are many factors that could've improved your accuracy. Your friend might of had a bad day, be tired, didn't treat the game seriously or maybe you had a better day and were focused more. It is also dependent on your opponen andt whether he has good movement and knows how to dodge properly. There are so many variables that go into ic acc so idk, my only increased 5% from the usual 39%.
  13. wh1te

    widget for scores?

  14. Two separate ideas but when I spoke to few people on discord and they told me why it would suck, I did agree with them. In that case, how about a power up that can be placed on the map by the mapper and it will spawn at 4 and 8 minute of the match and will allow you to see the ground timers for 5 - 10 seconds. When you die, you don't drop the power up and when you respawn, you do not have the ability to see the ground timers anymore. I hope this is a little bit more clear and fair.