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  1. pa1ner

    Need your frags!

    Progress level: 15% Infos and statics: Watched 40 demos; Get 200 + awesome frags; Done final config for the movie; Recorded 4 frags. It took 17 hours for this! You can still send to me your frags.
  2. pa1ner


    Hello. I need help. It is possible to change font of frag notifer to my own? Need it only to my frag movie.
  3. pa1ner

    Need your frags!

    Hello! I want to make frag movie using yours frags. This frag movie will be about a community. No matter what is your skill level. If you have nice, sick, amazing actions in game send it to me. Information: - i know how long it takes to make a movie. I have some experience with this. You can watch my old frag movie from painkiller here. i think it took me 2-3 months to do it; - All players can send demo or demos to me; - Please send them to me demo by private message also I will be appreciate when the action begins it is help me save many my time. Thanks and cheers! pa1ner
  4. pa1ner


    Well done!
  5. pa1ner

    Zoom Script

    Can you share it?
  6. pa1ner

    Laguna's Simple Radial UPS Meter

  7. pa1ner

    Center WeaponRack

    Hey. I need center weapon rack. I can change position but cannt rotate it. Is some way to rotate?
  8. pa1ner


    Wow amazing map! Thank you so much!
  9. pa1ner

    brcj1 - Circlejump training map

    nice! Thank you!
  10. pa1ner

    Blind's Movement Maps (with videos and tips)

    Thanks for your hard work! Your maps helping me so much in learn movement!
  11. pa1ner

    Map collection thread

    Nice idea, thanks!
  12. pa1ner

    Q2DM1 The Edge Remix

    My favourtie map from q2. Thanks!
  13. pa1ner

    Frag Chamber

    Good job!
  14. pa1ner

    Build #27 - Fixer upper

    Thanks for your hard work!
  15. For me too Edit: I have lot of fun with your map, thank you. PS: sorry for spam. :F