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  1. stjuhl

    Item Timer Trainer

    ​You can use the following hack to simulate a clock in warmup mode, requires that your fps are equal to your com_maxfps value: local artificialTime = 0; -- defined in global scope ... if world.gameState == GAME_STATE_WARMUP then local fps = consoleGetVariable("com_maxfps"); local sgn = countUp and 1 or -1; -- count up or down -- increment/decrement time value tickwise artificialTime = artificialTime + 1 / fps * sgn; -- compute values for the clock minutes = math.floor(artificialTime / 60); seconds = math.floor(artificialTime % 60); end -- set clock to "minutes:seconds" ...As used in my hud: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2342-hud-feedback-thread/&page=3#comment-21297
  2. stjuhl

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Screenshots Lua files: mat_stack.lua, mat_weapons.lua, mat_clock.lua I took some inspiration from (aka blatantly ripped off) Qualx's beautiful DP_Two hud design and adapted it to my hud. The code is kinda messy, but it does what I want and I'm very happy with how it looks. The health/armor/ammo boxes smoothly change colors from white to yellow to red according to the respective values, which I find reads well in peripheral vision. The currently selected weapon is drawn more prominently than the other weapons in the rack. There are options in the "Widgets" menu for the translucency of the boxes. The clock has an option to count up or down. It also has a toggleable option to show the respawn time of recent pickups. You still have to remember those times, there are no timers or reminders. I only added this to help with learning the respawn times when timing manually. I view it as a slightly more benign crutch than timers for people who struggle with "doing math" when timing items. ;] Update: added clock during warmup in mat_clock.lua
  3. stjuhl

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Update: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2342-hud-feedback-thread/&page=3#comment-21297
  4. stjuhl

    New weapon concepts!

    These look awesome. I love that you guys decided to stray from the generic sci-fi look to give the game a more unique, recognizable style. Can't wait to see these weapons in game, there's so much potential for cool animations and effects (although I'll probably end up hiding weapon models anyway, heh). Makes me pretty psyched for the rest of the new art that's gonna come (environments etc). If some people don't like this style that's fine, but they shouldn't act as if there are *objective* reasons for it and start arguments. Its largely a matter of taste, and IMO anything that sets Reflex apart from other generic looking arena shooters (UT...) is a positive.
  5. Entering the game menu by pressing ESC while holding down an input key will cause the key to get stuck until it is pressed again.
  6. The grenade appears to fall from the platform, but the explosion occurs on the platform:
  7. stjuhl

    [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    I haven't put a lot of thought into this, but I always felt the RtCW/ET-style spawn waves were a good compromise between round-based and instant respawn modes. A ~30 second timer would continuously tick down to 0 and reset, dead players would only be able to respawn once the current timer reached 0. This could just go on indefinitely, or the round could end if a team was completely eliminated during one spawn wave, or some other criterion. Something like that would retain the round-based feel of CA while reducing the boredom/frustration of being dead and forced to wait for the round to end. Of course this raises questions like how long should the spawn wave timer be, should it be universal or team-specific, what is the overall winning criterion, and should there be dedicated spawn zones for each team instead of random spawns (more team coordination, more predictability). Regardless, the concept might be interesting to explore.
  8. stjuhl

    [logged] Decal Issues

    Minor bug with impact decal drawing order on overlapping surfaces: