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  1. AND

    [1.0] Audio Bug

    I have the exact same issue, it seems to be related to directional audio/surround. I'm completely deaf to anything going on directly behind me and in front of me, I also felt as if there were some issues with audio above and beyond me, but this was hard to test. It seems that the game only plays sounds that are being emitted directly from the left and right sides. I also have a Logitech G35 (another USB headset), and when I try to set the audio to stereo the problem only seems to get worse, as any singular source of sound will seemingly only play from one earpiece. This problem does NOT occur when I use my speakers or my ATH-WS770 headset (non-USB headset from audio technica) EDIT: fixed by the patch just like the other guys in this thread.
  2. AND

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    ​But now people can't complain that the game looks too much like warsow
  3. AND


    It will end up being way too messy in terms of balance, TF2 is plagued by weapons that are broken beyond belief which is one of the big reasons I stopped enjoying the game, please don't let that happen to reflex...
  4. AND

    Similiar Early Access Success Story

    I honestly think we shouldn't stress getting reflex spread out yet, anyone who is only mildly interested in reflex would most likely drop the game after 30 minuttes because it's in such a rough stage, after that they'll most likely never play again. Get reflex to a state where it's user friendly and has a decent netcode, then you can start worrying about increasing it's playerbase. I love the game, but people who aren't as dedicated are a lot less willing to deal with stuff like the netcode, lack of an options menu, no map browser when starting matches etc.
  5. AND

    Surf map [WIP]

    No specific math or numbers, just made a slope with vertexes.
  6. AND

    Surf map [WIP]

    Hey guys, a friend of mine have been messing around with the map editor and ended up making a single staged 10 second long surf map, which may or may not be expanded upon some day. Consider it more of a proof of concept than anything else, but I figured some people might enjoy trying it. Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!iV5zWCRK!qtNTcaXEPvrnant0iFqi8YJ677uGqKYaKltGQ_9KZ1M (crappy) Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/J2N4b Have fun
  7. AND

    "Problematic" first map attempt!

    Commenting so I'll remember to try the map out tomorrow,
  8. AND

    [WIP] BLDM1

    Colourful <3
  9. AND

    Blight town tdm 0.4 - critique appreciated

    Pretty unforgiving to have the core powerups be accesible only by doing a synced rocket jump, cool concept though and might be interesting to see in action. The LG looks like it might be super strong on this map due to it's strong knockback and the lava floor.
  10. AND

    Hot Armor - bonus_duel1

    Glad you didn't add a bold rifles, any open map with those things turn into snipe wars.
  11. AND

    Devils DeFlex

    I bet those are some wonderful lights though! Also, when do you think us commoners will be able to try out the map? As an old TF2 jumper I've been incredibly excited to try out defrag maps in reflex now that I've taken the time to learn the basics.
  12. AND

    [WIP] Anaconda (impdm1)

    Commenting so I'll remember to try it out tomorrow, looks interesting as a more casual map (which are honestly much needed to help get more players interested in the game)
  13. AND

    vixdm1 - Small, Fast-paced 1v1 map

    I really like the texturing
  14. Looks really sweet, I'll play around with it tomorrow and maybe I'll have some kind of feedback
  15. AND

    [wip] lo2se

    Glad to see you added it to the forums The map was a blast to play in FFA due to the all the posibilities for fluid and agile movement.