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  1. I4N


    Fucking awesome! You should make the underwater city buildings outside tho Edit: didn't read the whole description but i really think u should do the outside environment!
  2. I4N

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ^ As he said
  3. I4N

    Aerowalk v2.01

    Nice work man, glad u did this 1, i completely lost patient to complete my version
  4. I4N

    Mesh wishlist

    I'll start with Tri bricks. Gothic and futuristic doorways in different sizes! also concrete_tile_edge splited like this | | V
  5. I4N

    Mesh wishlist

    I thought we may have some good ideas for future meshes we can pimp our maps with!
  6. The timer still doesn't work for me for some reason, same issue! Tryed some of the others to, all of them does the same thing! Edit: Haha nvm. I did put them in the widgets folder, didnt know i needed to create new folders!
  7. I4N

    Kered13's Utilities and Widgets

    ​Ah nice! tnx for the widget man!
  8. I4N

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    This is gonna take some time! :/ Thinking of doing like a hell theme later with lots of lava and stuff!
  9. I4N

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​I checked the update, looks really nice. Only thing is the mega area should have the same type of floor as the red area imo.
  10. I4N

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    cpm22 retexturing!
  11. I4N

    Aerowalk cpm22 0.36 retexturing

    ​internal/effects/flag/fx_flag_orb There are a couple of other effects that works for tp in that folder as well!
  12. I4N

    Aerowalk cpm22 0.36 retexturing

    Yeah i was checking bdm3 to get an understanding of how to use the effects!
  13. I4N

    Aerowalk cpm22 0.36 retexturing

    ​Gonna finish walls etc first!
  14. Still not half done but got exited and wanned to show a picture! And yes its inspired by other mappers!
  15. I4N

    thctourney2 (thct2) - Pocket Infinity

    I'd tryed the map out, looks great and all but the white lava hurts my eyes. Would be nice to change it to a diffrent color or just make it a bit darker.