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  1. landbased

    One thing QL did that might be worth looking into

    No reason not to add this. The official armour bar should probably also have some more info on it. This is what my current armour bar looks like: The little icons are the points at which you can pick up the corresponding armour. Definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing design, some custom svg's would go a long way.
  2. landbased

    Maps - too detailed?

    I agree that a lot of the maps are overdesigned. Not unplayable, but not ideal either.
  3. I think one of the biggest things that could happen is some sort of HLTV equivalent to allow in-game spectating with player control. Of course that would be a huge undertaking, and I wouldn't expect that any time soon (if ever). For the time being, I think the most important factors are a better killfeed and a minimap. Considering player coordinates are already exposed to lua for specs, a relative minimap should already be possible. Then after that all we need is some overviews. An automated solution would be pretty great for this, but I'm not sure how you'd deal with multiple levels (specifically thinking of how much the overview for de_nuke sucks). Support for PNGs in the hud would be nice too, I don't know about anyone else but SVGs are a real headache for me.
  4. landbased

    instant weapon switch

    if you have a problem with weapon switch because of axe scripts you clearly havent thought it through. youre assuming the weapon you have out has to be the on you drop, but it could easily be changed to fit whatever youre going for: if you like the gameplay with axe scripts: only drop your weapon during the reload time. now its exactly the same thing without the scripts.if you like the gameplay without axe scripts: drop the last weapon you fired. now changing weapons is useless unless you actually commit to your new weapon.also,i wouldnt argue that lg->rail was broken, id argue that rail was broken in general.even at 80 damage i think that the reload time is too short. hitting 100% rail in a fight is infinitely easier than hitting 100% anything else and doesnt end up punishing your damage output nearly enough. increasing reload time wouldnt directly affect the combo, sure, but it would reduce its power by reducing the power of rails to begin with. sure, lg-> rail would still be strong, but it would be far more punishable when miscalculated to not be a kill shot (or you miss) overall i think fast weapon switching makes fights more enjoyable and dynamic by allowing combos. pure lg fights are boring to begin with anyway.
  5. landbased

    Force team colors

    yeah we definitely need more outline settings i really hate how they fade out rather than being solid lines
  6. landbased

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    ​Yeah! Artsy games demand high poly counts! Yeah! It's just a tiny fraction of people who prefer visual clarity! People who want the game to be good are pathetic! I only play games personally confirmed by Total Biscuit to have 4k dirt textures!
  7. landbased


    ​Not everyone is going to modify their hud, obviously, but people certainly will download prepackaged ones. We already see this for example with curse for wow or huds.tf for tf2, and with steam integration it would be even easier. ​Theres only so much information that you can actually put into a useful form on a hud. And as things get 'exploited' you refine what is exposed to the widgets. Again, this isn't an external program, this is part of the game which can be directly controlled and regulated by the devs. Huds shouldnt have to be whitelisted because theyre already inherently whitelisted by being possible in the first place. ​Do you seriously believe that placing a watch on your desk is cheating?
  8. landbased


    ​i disagree that the main skill in item timing is the memorization, but even if it is having multiple clocks etc. is hardly an enforcable offense. this is eerily reminiscent of the no-timer cpma design which can be circumvented by having a physical clock. fantastic game design there. additionally i 110% believe that having differing rulesets is going to hinder player improvement and skew matches infinitely more than having design which consistently rewards a set of skills, even if those skills can be used to smack lesser players around. -em players in dota didnt improve, casual players in cs dont improve, timer players in reflex wont improve. there should be no need to lock out huds or approve huds. the functionality in the huds is controlled by the devs in the first place, its completely internal. thats like blocking out macros in wow or something like that -- yes i am aware that they are actually doing that now, which proves just how incompetent they are. if a particular functionality is getting out of hand, you change how the macros themselves work, not disallow people from using them.
  9. landbased

    Lets talk MH.

    i think qw/cpm mega design is intrinsically flawed. it encourages the up player to avoid fights so it spawns less often it encourages the down player to rush in so it spawns more often instead of "cat and mouse" its "mouse repeatedly runs into meatgrinder to whittle cat down" with that said giving it a standard timer is a bit boring. worst of all though is the visual mega effect. we already have a distinct sound for picking it up and wearing it down, all the visual does is add clutter.
  10. landbased


    only expose your teams pickups. that way your hud can auto time those for you. this is information you already have. enemy pickups are information you dont necessarily have and so they are hidden from the hud. to time enemy pickups, the player has two main options: either you could hit a key to manually set up an onscreen timer, or time them manually using multiple clocks with offsets (e.g. time + 25 for armours) either way you have to acknowledge the pickup using your own senses or intuition, but at the same time it alleviates the need to do arithmetic whilst playing. this brings back the information metagame but does away with some of the barriers of entry. on the other hand, locking out huds multiplies the barrier of entry and splits a community which is already small to begin with. custom huds are one of the best things this game has to offer over the competition and locking them away is almost more frustrating than if they were never here to begin with.
  11. landbased


    tell that to any quakeworld or goldsrc player. if a jump is designed in such a way that it requires wallclipping to be consistent, thats a problem with the jump, not the game. the only thing that i think could use some improvement is step-up, but thats not quite the same thing and has more to do with how the grounded state is defined.
  12. landbased


    lockhud is a terrible idea anyway, the game needs to be consistent if theyre going to change timers it needs to be global ​just because some things are checked doesnt mean that others have to be. changing sounds would have to be restricted in the long run, but its obviously not as immediate of a problem as changing textures/models/illegal widgets (not that those should exist...)
  13. landbased


    id wager that the actual gamemode itself is less than a days work if they use placeholder art. with grouping in i would be surprised if it isnt added next major patch. only thing is whether flag dropping is in, and if it is whether they inherit momentum (flag passing in tribes is pretty cool)
  14. landbased


    when i play quake3 with clipping, i feel like i can run face first into a wall but its k because ill be teleported to the other side with no effort now im not saying it cant be better that it is in quake3, but i dont see how its necessary in anyway. qw, hl and their derivatives did fine without, and id argue that movement in hl (with a _special script) is the best 'feeling' that theres ever been. id sooner look at reducing player collision boxes than implementing wallclipping.
  15. landbased

    0.34.3 - Knock knock

    im sure this was a legitimate issue, but ive often heard that using windowed mode with aero forces vsync, and its simply not true. i have vsync forced off in my nvidia control panel and ive never experienced any form of forced vsync, whether fullscreen or windowed. changing my theme every time i launch is pretty annoying, so i hope this is temporary.