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  1. harmless


    when it will be available on servers?
  2. harmless

    Quakeworld DM3 (Faithful remake)

    Nice job, thx
  3. harmless

    Build#28.2 - useless maplist

    :DDD yes. next time i start the searching bugs in the pachnote.omg. fuck logic
  4. harmless

    [logged] 0 fps on fjorxtourney1

    fjorxtourney1 is working fine now (build#28). But now, when the voted map is accepted i got the same problem (do this any map). And randomly in during match.
  5. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pc5f3o25rq4ie6z/harmless_dm1.zip?dl=0
  6. Hi, this is my first map and i need some help for testing, balance etc. It's a duel map but mybe good for 2v2 tdm or ffa (not a small map) thx hp: 1xmega, 2x50, 7x25. 5x5 armor: 1xred, 1yellow, 1green, 13xshard weapons: 1rail, 1lg, 1stake, 1pg, 2gl, 2rl, 2sg Update: -Renamed to harmless_dm1 -removed 1ga -added quad -relocated some shard and 25 hp -changed mega room size File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pc5f3o25rq4ie6z/harmless_dm1.zip?dl=0 Screenshots:
  7. harmless

    [logged] 0 fps on fjorxtourney1

  8. harmless

    [logged] 0 fps on fjorxtourney1

    When fjorxtourney1 loaded appear connection icon on top right and continuously decreasing my fps (all the way down to zero). Sometimes do this at orther map randomly (during match, etc) but fjorxtourney1 do this all the time. Any suggestions? Win7 64bit E6600 @3.06GHz 2gb ram EAH5770