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  1. Fuse on Steam Regular Price: $99.99 Today only 66% off for $33.99 Before the 1 day sale is over does anyone know if models created with Fuse can be imported into Reflex? Would it be worth it vs some other program out there? Fuse seems to be character creation only not a complete object model 3D program. Imagine that when it comes to character creation it excels in it's specialization though.
  2. Devil

    Opening Song Right Channel

    It's been a while. Launched the game and was immediately greeted with a piece of music during the menu system that is primarily playing in the right channel of my headset. I can hear mostly wind sound effect in my left channel. I'm on a logitech G930 but I imagine it would be the same for anyone using a good stereo headset to tell that the music is mostly only playing in the right ear.
  3. Devil

    Reflex Wiki Now Online

    Wiki.ReflexFiles.com All community mapping guides and information will be ported to ReflexFiles Wiki. Share the workload of porting information and get involved. Just like submitting your map to ReflexFiles if you want to contribute to the wiki a steam login is required using Steams secure "Sign in with Steam" API. Thanks to Goober for his hard work in making this resource available to all Reflex map designers. We've already started making good use of it. Already started porting my guide there. Didn't want to run into the issue of not having it fit into 1 page so it's been split up into different sections. A much more digestible reading experience. Map Optimization Guides by Devil
  4. Currently it's taking me 1.5 HOURS to build the lightmap in Deflex alpha 10. The map file is about 1.5MB and lightmap file is about 70MB. What can I do to speed up lightmap builds in general? This 1.5 hour waiting per build is killing my productivity. 1. Does a lightmap build faster turning off r_bloom, dynamic lights, and other variables? 2. Can those variables be re-enabled after the lightmap builds and have a fully functional lightmap? 3. Does the engine use CPU & GPU for lightmap building or primarily GPU? 4. If I upgrade hard disk from conventional to SSD could I expect a performance increase in lightmap build time or is that tied more to the GPU, CPU, RAM, game engine? 5. What hardware upgrades can I make to help this go faster? My system specs are in my signature.
  5. Devil

    Relfection Probes?

    What are reflection probes? Where and how are the best ways to use them?
  6. Devil

    0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

    Ever since 0.32 the lightmaps have been unrealistic. Been waiting patiently to see them come back. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong in my settings. Lightmaps used to have realistic lighting where dark areas were pratically completely black if a light wasn't in the area. Here's a room that should basically be completely pitch black except for light coming from the the teleporter and 1 small overhead light. You shouldn't even be able to see the gun in front of your face. Yet the entire room is worldlit and looks like garbage in terms of realistic lighting. Just wondering if/when we'll see a return of realistic lighting with baked lightmaps. Also for training maps the powerup icons are undesirable. Kudos on the UI system. Lettering is really crisp. Can't wait to start messing with some UI designs. Great job.
  7. Screenshots look really good. Looking forward to playing it someday.
  8. I'd like to see a HUD customizer that allows you to place, add/remove elements, save them, and upload to steam workshop. The possibilities with LUA are only limited to what data will be available for display. Most of the stuff I'm reading about is related to the HUD but what else can be done with LUA? I've seen unique mini-games created with LUA in Garrys Mod. Perhaps something like that will be possible. The drug dealer game for example was always kind of popular but I'd hate to think of Reflex degenerating into G-Mod. The thought alone is cringe worthy.
  9. Devil

    Regarding Light Maps

    It's the cvar r_shader_quality 2 that causes the lightmap atlas to show up as a texture. This is the same thing that happened back in .27. I didn't update my config since .29 and when I added the new variables into my custom config (copy/paste from high res config) sure enough this issue showed up. I was using r_shadow_resolution which has been deprecated in favor of r_shader_quality. That's probably why it showed up for you in editor.cfg and not in game.cfg (or vice versa) as the cache file rewrote itself to include the new cvar. Also it appears as though this has completely killed off realistic lightmaps. There isn't a dark corner in my map anymore. It's all fullbright even with a built lightmap. I have yet to delete my config and allow steam to update and replace it with .32 configs. Will try that and report back.
  10. Devil

    Regarding Light Maps

    Ahh this makes so much sense now. The atlas image is actually being used as a texture. I think that's the same kind of thing that I've been experiencing since .27. Sometimes they'll blink and glitch out yeah. I haven't seen such a clear example of this until now. Really neat image. Have you tried doing nolight and other optimization techniques? It can help cut down on the atlas size and perhaps help to temporarily alleviate this issue. Obviously something that still needs to be looked into.
  11. Devil

    Welcome to our new UI subforum.

    That's going to be cool for UI designs. Sounds like you're really happy with how it's shaping up. If you're excited then I'm excited. Arguing about timer scripts is pointless guys. They've made the decision they are the wielders of the flame. Deal with it. Yes it will lower the skill ceiling but that's a good thing for a new game trying to get players interested. It's the one reason why I never cared to play duel. The skill separation is too high unless you want to spend months practicing on like 3 specific maps just to have fun. It's why I stuck with CTF and TDM where teams even that out naturally. Just goes to show that developers have hit a home run again and people don't even realize it because they're too engrained in old habits from Quake. This isn't Quake and this is another thing that will help separate it. The more things that can be different from Quake then perhaps the more people will stop comparing it to Quake. If I wanted to play Quake then I'd go play Quake. I say Kudos and brav-frickin-O. Now how about the group select for mappers?
  12. Devil

    Devils DeFlex

    I've been waiting for the editor to get some needed features but still check in occasionally after each update. Latest update has improved lighting somewhat. No more flickering lights with a built lightmap that would give anyone an epileptic seizure. However now the lighting doesn't seem to act as realistic. There are not dark corners everything seems to have world lighting on. It also took me 2x longer to build the lightmap at about 5 hours. A lot of time spent doing optimizations seems to have gone backwards with the lightmap build time. Everything also seems low res textures and not as nice looking. Dustin said there was some cvar I had to use now to get the texture res up but forgot what it was. Need some tips to help get back to normal. I think the last time I looked into Deflex was .30 it's been a while. Just thought of something, probably stil using the old config. Perhaps deleting it and refreshing local content would help. Also I'm still in the steam beta is that no longer recommended for latest updates?
  13. Devil

    Devils DeFlex

    Just picked up Reflex the other day and I love it so far. The map editor is so much easier to work with than Radiant in some respects but missing a lot of features currently. Started working on a training facility called Deflex named after a combination of Defrag + Reflex. The goal is to make it a comprehensive training facility where veteran players can take beginners for movement and physics training. Inspired by XCM_Tricks2 and Tr1ckhouse_beta3 from Quake 3 where myself and likely many of you spent days or weeks training. Circle Jump Trainer: 24 lanes with color coded ledges. Each lane increments by 8u making jumps incrementally harder to challenge any skill level. Strafe Jumping Trainer: 6 color coded lanes. They scale exponentially to different skill levels. Will probably break each lane up with 2 pads per lane for a total of 12 skill levels. Rocket Jump Trainer: Maximum height trainer. 32 color coded lanes. Each ledge height is increased by 8u. Teleport Jump Trainer: Similar to the circle jump trainer but relying on teleport double jumps to help you figure out your maximum teleport jump distance. Rocket Jump Course: Beginner level linear course 2X Rocket Jump Course: Learn how to use 2 rockets at once. Stair Jump Course: Dustin built the advanced course. We have yet to build a beginner and intermediate course. Double-Jump Course: Run style course focusing on double jumps built by mr.worm. Teleporter Jump Course: Another room built by Dustin to teach you basic teleporter jumping techniques. Next: Stake Jumping Because Reflex currently does not have the ability to remove weapons you can cheat most sections by using weapons not designed for the course. Since they are training courses the only thing really being cheated is your own skills development. Cheat them or not doesn't matter to us because it will only hurt your own progression as a player. I'm not going to make the map file available yet because it's still way too early for that. This is a build topic for DeFlex.
  14. Then the title should be changed because it implies that the next update will have assets removed. It only affected 1 particular update which already happened 3 months ago. Topic is no longer relevant as a sticky. Time to change the title or remove from sticky (my opinion). Also in the future if assets are removed will the developers please make a specific list of asset changes so it can be documented in the wiki. That particular update left map designers guessing as to exactly which assets were removed. Some were left in that we were warned would be removed and some were removed that we didn't think were going to be. Wiki documentation if released the same day can really help map designers plan ahead or search for those assets and make changes.
  15. Devil

    should i start mapping now? or wait....

    You can start mapping now sure! Learn the basic way the editor works now and you'll be better off in the future as features are added. The way the editor works will not change, only the capabilities and layout of it. I'm sure they'll ensure that the maps made today will be compatible with future versions. The problem is that as new capabilities are added you'll want to update your map. When they introduce curves for example you'll want to change a lot of sections of your map. So reworking maps is to be expected. Why try to polish a map now when you'll feel compelled to rework them in the future. No sense in redoing work with every update other than as a way to get familiarized with new features. What people are doing right now could be called basic layout design. If you go into it with that mindset you'll be much better off in my opinion. Models, sprites, and volumetric elements haven't really been added or even a way to add your own. Starting map making today is a big advantage as you'll be able to see others creative layouts and improve upon your own ideas. By the time this game is released I'm sure there will be a whole bunch of extremely high quality maps with awesome layouts because of all the preliminary layout work everyone is doing right now. Being familiar with the editor and seeing it develop and grow is part of the fun of this particular early access. Don't go make a map and call it finished because that would be delusional at this stage. If you've seen the concept screenshots of what this game will eventually look like you know what I'm talking about.
  16. Devil

    Development Roadmap (February 2015)

    Designers will build stairs and walls to either allow for damage or not. Damage through walls and the thickness required is a game developers decision. It doesn't matter how thick/thin those tolerances are because mappers can always build thicker stairs or walls. This is not a mistake, it is design decision.
  17. Looks like the well known corner bug. You can see the angle in the wall right where he gets stuck. It is speed dependent but it's not 2000ups. It just so happens that when you are reproducing the issue that your map forces you to fly that fast due to the bound pad. You could reproduce it by adding a floor and running into the same spot at much slower speeds say 300ups. It's the angle in the wall that's the cause.
  18. Devil

    Development Roadmap (February 2015)

    I've been lurking and waiting patiently for the map editor tools to get improved. At the very least the group select and rotate will get me back in to make more optimizations to Deflex. The way textures and tint system will be handled sounds like the idea I suggested a while ago. It will give map designers a nearly unlimited color palette to work with while reducing overhead. I have a question though, did it reduce overhead as drastically as hoped? Hopefully the tint system itself hasn't added overhead to make the gains negligible. Can we get some before/after metrics. Just interested to know how much it really helped.
  19. Devil

    [fixed] Low fps without lightmaps

    The 580 is a 5 year old card that should play Reflex well on 720p but at 1080p or higher might stutter a bit. Yeah it's a 580 but look around the forums and you'll see people having issues even with a 660 generation card which should outperform the 580 in a DX11 game. It has nothing to do with real time lighting vs lightmap but on the limitations of your card. You have to understand that ANY card will play better with a built lightmap. So saying that your card performs worse with real time lighting and expecting that not to be the case is odd. That's the way it works for everyone. Saying that it "shouldn't be hardware related" is you just hoping that's it not and is a meaningless way to assert your cards ability to do the task at hand. I recently upgraded to a 750 ti (midrange) and it plays Reflex phenomenally better than my old 660. My 660 has tons of issues with performance which prompted me to upgrade. I can play full res on 750 ultra settings especially after the recent netcode update. I know you don't want to think it's time to upgrade but the game in it's current Alpha build it's EXTREMELY demanding on any 4, 5, and 6 series card. Time to upgrade to series 7 at the least. In the future, developers will try to get those requirements down but as right this second it's still deceptively demanding. It's a hog for sure. In it's current build and engine hogging performance issues the least I would recommend is a 7 series (750) if you want to play full res. If you have an older card then drop it down to 720p res to play full screen. It won't look as nice but it will give you better performance by not stressing the gpu as much. Also read the performance sticky and ensure you read all the tips for getting the most out of performance you can. 660 > 580 750 > 660 time to upgrade One thing I've learned about the Reflex graphic engine and graphic card performance is this; what you think your card is capable of and what it's actually capable of are two different things. Regard the Reflex engine as you would Crysis 4. It's a hog wild beast of an unoptimized engine right now and it's because developers started off with DX11 as the basis. They have to downcode everything in the future for DX10 and lower capability cards. That has yet to happen so until that does there's going to be a lot of people trying to play this game that complain about performance. It's not an affront to you or your card it's just the nature of the unoptimized state of the current engine. Nice looking map by the way.
  20. I actually haven't seen that one before where it gets stuck in a corner. Teleporter yes, corner no. If the developers say it's related then it's related and will be addressed eventually. Good video. Wish everyone would make videos of bugs they find.
  21. Devil

    0.30.x - New! Improved! Netcode!

    People not talking about netcode for the first time since development started is probably a really welcomed change. All the respect in the world goes to your efforts to fix it. I think all the talk about balance should be relegated to a separate topic. Ever since Quake 1 was released there's ALWAYS been discussions about balance. So that's just the same shit different day in a never ending debate and should be discussed elsewhere. You could dedicate an entire forum and have a never ending debate on balance issues. Some 30 years later and Quake is still tweaking weapon and armor. If they couldn't ever figure it out then it's not likely something that can be figured out. It's like playing whac-a-mole with people who complain about it. You'll never satisfy everyone.
  22. Devil

    Saving Lightmaps

    When the rpkg format is introduced it will make the current method obsolete. There are problems with lightmaps. When it comes to lightmaps it's still alpha and buggy. Wouldn't worry too much about it right now. There are 2 ways to do it: 1. Build lightmap 2. Save map (now .map, .probe, and .light files are all of the same instance) 1. Save map 2. Build lightmap (now .map, .probe, and .light files are all of the same instance) Either method assures you that both the map and the lightmap files are of the same instance as long as you don't change anything between those 2 steps. I think it's easier to first save map then build lightmap that way you don't have to wait the whole time until lightmap build completes to then save the map. The map and lightmap file must be of the same instance (current gamestate). If you change anything between the time the lightmap was built and the map was saved then you'll have an invalid lightmap and it won't load. That should be pretty obvious, because doing so would cease the lightmap build process. Lightmaps are still buggy and inconsistent. Has nothing to do with how you're saving the map or light files. It's an issue with the game and the developers know they'll have to revisit lightmaps again in the future. It's certainly better than how it was in 28.2 but still plenty of lightmap bugs to deal with. Just because a certain method works for you 100% of the time doesn't mean it will work for someone else 100% of the time. I think that's part of the problem and why developers need to figure out where the inconsistency is coming from.
  23. Devil

    0.30.x - New! Improved! Netcode!

    ... and the beat goes on with balance arguments. Same shit different year. Great update. Definitely smoother. Can play Deflex strafe pads without odd lagging in some spots. No more lag and random slowdown effect! This update has helped maps play smoother. I did notice some screen tearing horizontally through the middle as if I was running SLI. I've never run SLI though. Running 1920x1080 on a 750ti. Haven't tried on 720p but bet that would play ridiculously smooth. Definitely a great update. From a mapping perspective this has helped even the largest of maps play just as smoothly as small maps. Can't even explain how great that is not just for my map but the development and progress of the game. This update has taken the game one step closer towards a beta. Thank you and looking forward to more great updates. You're doing excellent work.
  24. Devil

    0.29.x - Arena modes!

    Been almost a month without an update which isn't quite like you guys. Makes me think you're working on something super secret in a government lab trying to grow ears on mice or something. Any word on next update or some teasers on what to expect?