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  1. robin

    Need some tips to upgrade my pc

    Sup guys, nowdays im running reflex with a nvidia gt630 (2gb) , ram 4gb and AMD A4 5300 3.4ghz I never play those kind of games with resolutions higher than 1024x768 and i don't pretend to play with ultra high graphics Will i get stable 125 fps if i upgrade the CPU to AMD A8/A10? (the socket is fm2 )
  2. robin

    #dp_two [EU] - Saturday July 18th, 2015

    Playing vs non timer users ---->value | Training vs timer users --->more value Hope everyone's gonna have some real fun
  3. robin

    [dp5] furnace

    You can build a lot of good "fast-paced duel maps". Maybe it's not your style but i'd really want to see if you can also build bigger maps or teamplay maps :3
  4. robin

    [dp4] abandoned shelter

    Similiar to dp3 but much easier to learn. It may be more "user friendly" but this doesn't mean that it's less fast and fun to play. Items position it's pretty good, the red armour may seems like it's easy to pick but in fact your enemy can easily hit you from most of the rooms. The yellow room seems to be isolated from the others and it makes it difficult to hit people, same goes for them This room it's good for restocking: you can pick yellow, 5 green health, plasmagun and easily go to the mega and the rocket-launcher. If you want to pick red you have to perfectly time the mega. Also mega room it's small and your enemy can easily ambush and punish you. Always keep an eye on these 2 rooms. Great conclusion of the [dp] series
  5. Probably your most complex work. You're getting better with every map you build. Keep going!
  6. robin

    [dp2] wired cube - advanced duel map

    Impressive! The design it's stylish and it's fun to move around in it, item position it's balanced and fast to learn. Good work!
  7. Really nice map! I've seen these guys building this beauty from 0, they are really talented. After playing this map a few times i can say that after the last update it really became balanced and fast paced, you can move really fast from room to room and you have to keep the item control non-stop. 8.5/10 good luck!
  8. robin

    Random gibs glitched (noclipped)

    Noclipped gibs around the map, restart/change the map doesnt work. Restarted the game and now it's ok
  9. robin

    Do Pros use default weapon binds?

    I don't think so... it's too hard to press keys like 6/7/8/9. i use that bind 1 weapon 1 //axe bind 2 weapon 2 //weak shotgun bind 3 weapon 3 //shotgun bind ctrl weapon 4 //grenade launcher bind b weapon 5 //plasmagun ( i think we should find a new name) bind e weapon 6 //rocket launcher bind space weapon 7 //lightning gun bind q weapon 8 //railgun bind v weapon 9 //stake gun wasd and mouse2 jump c for crouch but there's no crouch.