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  1. Reflex Demos from Community Servers

    Anybody know who runs the Hitbox Dimension server?
  2. My opinion on things

    It was also present in about 0 regularly played maps. I mean, personally I think the stake didn't fit very well as it was implemented, but none of us can really say whether it was good, bad, useless or not, because it just never really got it's time to shine. The movement aspect was very interesting, and I think given enough time, players would be running around doing some neat jumps with it, just as casually as you would perform a rocket jump now. Herolighting is the current method of model lighting, it replaced outlines.
  3. B&D mode

    But what if the genre is dead because duel is what sets it apart, and duel is a stagnant community killer, an ego stroker for a dying breed of game? Imo, what really sets AFPS apart is the type of movement and DM, dueling is just the easiest way to experience that, with the added bonus of an ego boost. It might be the easiest way (literally just join a server with another player) but I don't think it's the best way.
  4. Autohop idea

    I think all boils down to not being conducive to a new players learning experience. With auto jump readily available, it really wouldn't be apparent to new players that they need to avoid it to get certain jumps to work right. I don't think it'd be as hard to work around as some people think, but newer players wouldn't realize it's something to avoid in certain situations in the first place.
  5. B&D mode

    I think AFPS really do need a good objective game mode. I always felt like capture points would be a lot of fun. But I guess, historically speaking, it wasn't that popular in QL? Those warsow videos do actually look pretty fun. Having a more structured emphasis on attacking and defending areas looks like a great set up for some sick game play. Though I'm not a fan of B&D specifically, as the one life per round can get boring, and it can still end up with the rounds boiling down to CA rounds.
  6. ​I agree, let's all accept that while dueling is certainly fun, it's garbage and we should move on to objective team modes. Which would be all around more exiting for a broader community as a whole. ​Maybe it's just really easy to sponsor and organize? Maybe it's not that good and it's just easy to throw money at?
  7. My frag movie

    Quality frags, and a minimalist edit, I very much approve. My only real critique doesn't really apply due to your straight capture method. But I always prefer either drawhud 0 or a very minimalist hud. (some people do like to keep hp/armor/xhair to emphasize the "clutchness" of certain plays) It's always pleasantly immersive to see just the frags showcased without the clutter. Still, nice shots, and good job. Got me excited for what's to come in the future of reflex avi's.

    You should totally make a custom countdown lua, where instead of the default countdown timer, it shows a pokemon-esque battle intro. Where in the allotted countdown time, the screen blocks out to black, and then pops up with a little info screen, where it shows something like "player (x) has challenged you to battle", obviously accompanied by appropriate battle music. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you've ever played the pokes you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I've been dying for this sort of thing since the lua update.
  9. POV Replay System

    ​That can be a huge problem in the source engine. Where the player state can end up getting animated noticeably late compared to what's actually happening. Doesn't seem to be as prominent in reflex, although I have seen an example or two of it happening, albeit minor. Still hard to tell how accurate it is though. There is a chance that while the demos look clean, they may not always be showing exactly what the player was seeing at the time.
  10. Add smooth shading to weapons

    I think that smooth shading is preferable to what there is now. Especially with the grenade launcher for instance, it's all just basic cylinders, it looks very bland and basic. But perhaps instead of smoothing, they could just stylize their polys more, so you can still see edges, but they're not just all straight conformed edges. Idk though, I guess I only really feel that way about the grenade launcher, it's exceptionally basic, while the other weapons have some interesting details going on. I agree though, some smoothing wouldn't really detract or clash with the current art style, but Idk that it's necessary either. The IC looks great as is, and the rocket launcher never really struck me as "overly blocky". I guess I just don't like the grenade launcher. And the bolt rifle, that thing is ugly as sin. Rocket launcher is kind of boring too, imo, but not ugly by any means.
  11. POV Replay System

    Yeah, from what I've gathered they really want to avoid it if possible, which I think is a real shame. There are some features they say they're not interested in, because they want to take alternate routes they think will be more streamlined, which I think is a bit of a cop out. For instance they say POV demos "aren't necessary" because they want to have a system where servers autorecord, and they want to make downloading the demos more streamlined, and directly hooked up to reflex. But I think it actually stems from the issue of not actually downloading maps, so the map never gets stored client side, but then gets stored in all demos in order for clients to be able to view them. It's really goofy, and while I'm glad they want to have such an easy automated system for server demos, I think it's absurd, almost insulting they'd outright deny client side demos simply on the grounds that "server demos will be totally better". Client demos should still be an option as the easiest, most fool proof recording of demos, without having to worry that some server hiccup, or connectivity issue will eat up your demo. It's similar with map editing. I'd really really like an option for multiple 2d views. And I know I'm in an extreme minority here, but I just think editing vertices in a purely 3d environment can be so much of a hassle some times, really getting them to do what I want. But the devs have stated that they'd like to avoid it if at all possible, the 3d view is "good enough/better". But it's not really about what's better it's about accessibility and options. Besides that, I still think that speed and accuracy of geometry creation is undeniably better in a 2d environtment. The whole being able to press a button and instantly, seamlessly even, play a map you just built, is leaps and bounds the most amazing thing to happen to mapping. I just wish it could be more additive to the traditional mapping experience, rather than trying to replace it entirely.
  12. Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    ​ ​Imo, CPMAs movement doesn't feel anywhere near as good as reflex did in .36 and previous patches. CPMA feels super floaty, where reflex was much snappier and solid feeling. lol
  13. Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    ​Mmm, definitely not. the change from .36 to .37 is very noticeable. It's feels worse and worse the more I play around with it. At the moment, I don't really think it's terrible, but I really don't like it either. Doesn't feel good, and isn't fun.
  14. Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    I was worried about the movement when I heard you guys talking about it in the stream. Didn't end up being that bad though, still definitely a downgrade imo. I'm really not sure, but I think there was talk about it not being finished when you did the preview? So is this sort of an interval, or where you want to see it end up?
  15. Modern Map Remakes Thread

    Lockout is actually a really great FFA/Arena mode map. As for other maps, I feel like someone made deck from UT, but I can't remember. Other than that it's mostly maps from the various quakes. I think there's a pain killer map around some where.