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  1. dustin

    Sound Problem

    Some applications do the same to me/mine. I've found having the software installed and the mode switch on the headset needs to be set to 7.1 (NOT Stereo) to work properly. Not a fan of the headset myself.
  2. dustin

    SP-HUD Release :>

    Try to create your own folder inside of the UI directory. Mine wasn't overwritten since it wasn't a file the patch included.
  3. dustin

    default HUD files

    He's saying execing your config will reload the listed commands. Only need to loadconfig <name>
  4. dustin

    [0.32.1] HUD and title screen have gone nuts

    Did this happen when you installed the 347.88 drivers? If this started after you updated, have you tried going back to 347.52?
  5. dustin

    How to make a Server Private?

    Is the .exe allowed through your firewall? Is the port unblocked through your router?
  6. dustin

    Reflex Texture Pack for GTKradiant

    I don't believe they should focus efforts on supporting radiant mapping for Reflex. Once this game is closer to "done" the map editor will most likely be everything radiant is and more. If they focus efforts for that it will delay everything else in the line only to be removed later. Maps can be made in the editor and it's really easy. Make layouts and generalizations to get your map how you want it, and later on the editor will allow you to detail it. The converter provided by a community member is perfect for filling in the time gap.
  7. dustin

    [1v1] loveshack

    Any way you could provide a download? That server had people dueling with 5 others in spectator on an unrelated map. Plus, I'd be curious to play it under 140ms.
  8. dustin

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    From the checkout page, the link in the "I agree to the <link>Terms of Service</link>" Any new locations soon?
  9. dustin

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Just a heads up, you have a missing page: an important one. http://puu.sh/glIBa/e7981e80d2.png
  10. I'm assuming this is duel? I guess that might help find people interested since some people prefer specific game modes. Good initiative, though.
  11. Sounds good. Are you organizing it? Requirements to be invited to play?
  12. dustin

    Server Not Listed

    Default port 25787 is for the game, but to list within the browser I believe the steam port (25797) also needs to be opened. Correct me if I'm wrong. I would suggest double checking the servers ports and firewall. Keep us posted.
  13. dustin

    Server Not Listed

    Is your sv_public variable set to 1 or 0?
  14. dustin

    Netcode upcoming?

    CPMA, in my opinion, was better than what insta-unlagged had. IU was definitely VERY good, but mostly only had to deal with railguns. Playing instagib in the CPMA mod felt more accurate.
  15. dustin

    [wontfix] Dedicated server "crash" without bdm3.map

    If I remove the map that is setup as sv_startmap, it just says it could not find map; no crashing of the server. As newborn said, post your server config and possibly your .bat file or target line contents if you added anything to that?