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  1. Mazu

    [dp5] furnace

    As one of the original layout editors I'll say that is a pretty good point. Narrow hallway from mega to teleport which is linked on other portal is kinda bad on hindsight. Players are most likely going to cross over the tele destination there which is risky. I guess linked teleporters should have open space around them to not be as annoying. I'm okay with changes, do what you guys think is the best.
  2. Mazu

    Deep Dark Fantasy - TDM / FFA

    I'll give it a shot but it will take a while to complete. Least I can do is to fix all annoying movement hindering parts of it. Thanks for showing interest for this map.
  3. Here is some fancy layout for a medium-large (gothic?) styled TDM / FFA map. I'm probably not going to finish this so I'm throwing it here. Lighting is done pretty poorly and might even cause performance issues. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=781888146 P.S. Hate working with meshes and it killed the motivation. Had fun up to this point though.
  4. Mazu

    Would you play in a CTF draft cup?

    Sounds like it is going to be a lot fun. Interested to participate myself if stars align properly. Regardless, this is a great idea and hope it goes well!
  5. Having tried this map and seeing how awkwardly beautiful it is, I'm looking forward to this. I'll make some time for myself to watch the stream if there is going to be one. This might be a great demonstration for folks who have not tried Reflex yet. Vertical areas are fun.
  6. Mazu

    cpm3a port (Jan 13th update)

    You mean, first player getting a frag and then hiding in MH room while spamming grenades always wins the match 1 - 0? Isn't this what the map is all about, right?
  7. Mazu

    [dp5] furnace

    Estimation based on image def posted. I do not know specific values, but I get the idea what probabilities you get for each spawn depending on distance. 4 spawns 10% 20% 30% 40% But i suppose thats not right either if its based on distance and not the position? (fug maths)
  8. Mazu

    [dp5] furnace

    Well yeah, it is not going to be 20% for each spawn, but it would probably be somewhere around 10% for 2nd closest spawn and 30% for the furthest. 5 spawnpoints are just not quite enough. Predicting spawns becomes a lot easier because of the map size and teleports. Unless spawns somehow took teleports in consideration, but that is some high tier checking already, doubt that is in right? Anyways I'll admit this is a lot better than spamming rockets in 2nd closest spawn, at least you have to move few steps to fire at the other and constantly move from one side to another. Still if you play perfectly, that 30% chance to spawn on furthest spawn is gonna mess you up in a small map like dp5. Honestly I wasn't happy with the original 6 spawnpoints either.
  9. Mazu

    [dp5] furnace

    I had intention to go and test things but never got to it really. IC and PG swap sounds like a cool idea. Other problem is that map has only 5 spawns now. In theory you have 20% chance to spawn right in front of your opponent at all times. Which is only made worse with multiple teleports, but nothing much can be done about that. Much like how it is in cpm22.
  10. Mazu

    [dp5] furnace

    Who decided to change that YA/PG corner spawn? I felt like most spawns were ok in earlier versions. Some of those spawns needed some fixing that I placed initially but not that YA/PG corner. I agree with F14m3z on this. It's been too long since I played last time. I wasn't even aware of these changes. While it makes it safer to escape YA/PG room it is still more harmful. At least you could potentially pickup YA before you get destroyed by incontrol player.
  11. Mazu

    Double jumping off teammates removed?

    Didn't even think about this when 72u height was announced back then. However, this change changes a lot of things. Now it is so much harder to get any "oh wow" situations by accidentally jumping off of your enemy(and getting cool play, frag or situation out of it) or helping team mates getting over some ledge to grab an item. Guess we will have to compensate later for this with crouch, kind of hoping that it will be in the game. Or maybe a special jump height rule for the players, even that sounds good enough fix for that. Meanwhile I guess me and Smilecythe should just practice "nothing better to do" syndrome and redo the trick with plasma hop, for science you know.
  12. Mazu

    [dp8] - unforgiving

    (having a really slow day at work so I guess I wanted to write some thoughts about this maps theme/style too, heh) fht is responsible for most of the visual stuff right? It looks really pretty and respect for that. You did really great job with it, but if I were to play, I would honestly choose that simplified look from the past version. Same goes with most other heavily detailed maps. Hope there would be some kind of easy option to switch between these styles in the future. Now imagine playing in one and watching replay in the other? System like that would be really cool, but I bet hard to get working properly and to design maps for. I agree with that idea of portals should be more distinct from the background. Same goes with some corridors. There needs to be slightly more contrast between surfaces and I do agree with other posts since the update i.e. bush mesh thing on jump pad lol. Don't know how it feels to play it, but these are my quick remarks of it. Still it is very cool to watch what you guys come up with. So uh, just keep up with it I guess and happy holidays!
  13. Mazu


    This weapon upgrade idea makes me just grin. Just imagine what would happen if you went from RL pickup to another RL pickup entire match ignoring everything else. Mostly thinking about duel because 99% of the time maps have 2 RL's and one of every other weapon. Cool idea / thought anyways. I've been following Reflex progress a bit less recently. Some of these ideas would really be cool for other modes like CTF for example or different versions of CTF.
  14. Mazu

    [dp8] - unforgiving

    Wow, that looks kinda different and better than last time. Still not 100% sure about the layout but I only played it once back then. Need to check it out if it is playable now.
  15. Mazu


    We can always play these modes in our imagination even when no one cares or purists cry out loud. Recently having tried Rocket League, I would love something similar like that but you would be using weapons to push the ball around. It doesn't hurt to brainstorm great ideas, n1 tehace.