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  1. tuutti

    Reflex 0.43.2

    Being fired. There is no idle sounds at all, right?
  2. tuutti

    Reflex 0.43.2

    How about enemy's IC being quiet/not heard at all?
  3. tuutti

    Reflex 0.43.1

    Disabling Avast! = game launches.
  4. tuutti

    Reflex 0.43.1

    Can't launch the game anymore. Launching the game just freezes my steam and shit (( EDIT: Happens to a friend of mine also. EDIT2: Reinstall didn't help.. :/ EDIT3: Steam keeps saying Reflex - Running, can't launch any other game or anything. Can't shut down reflex.exe from task manager... only fix is to reboot my PC.
  5. tuutti

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    Was my post deleted? I expressed an opinion about the movement and can't see the post anymore.
  6. tuutti

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ‚ÄčTake a screenshot and check the values in paint.
  7. tuutti

    Here is the Speedmeter that ive been working on.

    Looks like an altitude meter
  8. tuutti

    Sensitivities and Play-Style

  9. tuutti

    Will the item timers stay?

    Why not ship the game with aimbot and wallhacks aswell if the timers are gonna stay.
  10. tuutti

    Performance, the quest for a higher frame rate.

    Something is wrong in the newest patch, feels like im at around 100hz when I'm supposed to be at 144hz.
  11. tuutti

    Playtesting duel maps

    Yo. My map
  12. tuutti

    Mapping Contest: new competitive duel maps

    Why isn't my map in the .zip? I renamed before your new deadline.
  13. tuutti

    t_dm2 - acidwdm2 Bootleg Remix

    Getting to RA is nearly impossible without walljump.. hf trying to double jump off that ledge while being shot at.
  14. tuutti

    Mapping Contest: new competitive duel maps

    wtf reuploaded on reflexfiles because of your silly rules lol kek http://reflexfiles.com/file/75