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  1. ckap

    Bunny Cup v2: A 2v2 Draft Cup

    Please, please BO3 in losers. Also, I'd much prefer to pick my own teammate.
  2. ckap


    Wasn't aware. Images are now embedded.
  3. ckap


    If you can PM me the bbcode for it I'll embed as many images as you want!
  4. ckap


    Multiplex Workshop 1MH, 1RA, 2YA, all weapons From the F-Zero GX Wiki: "A long course designed like one of the many lofty skyscrapers. The track is composed of a loop, a chicane, many straightaways, and a minefield in the second half of the course. Approximate Length: 16500 m Course Order: Ruby #5" Multiplex is a duel map with heavy focus on fluid movement and prediction projectiles. Ramps and jumps are placed in such a way as to tie the lower and upper levels together, making them distinct only in the main atriums. Mid-map is a "cross loop" where players can quickly change from low to high elevation to avoid opponents or to gain a height advantage. All "important" jumps to major items are designed to be of moderate difficulty, but every item can be obtained with no trickjumps through the use of a slower route. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  5. ckap

    The Sane Asylum [thct5 remix]

    Thank you for this, I always liked playing A1v1 on this map.
  6. ckap

    Simple items

    God forbid somebody want to customize the way their game looks.
  7. ckap

    EU tournament?

    I can host servers if you need any.
  8. ckap

    DUEL MAP ARK1 - balanced and tested

    cpm1a was fun. A 2xYA map can work out fine, just place them such that they are difficult for the in-control player to hop between. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS
  9. ckap

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/ckap or IRC will duel on weekends, too much work on weekdays US East low+ looking for mid - mid+ - high
  10. ckap

    [known] Map Editor - Pickup Rotation

    I understand the issue, and I agree that it it needs to be fixed... but why are you putting lg on the ceiling?
  11. I was referring more to your method of discussion. Telling people they don't understand is not an effective method of argument. You're a retard. "regards" lol