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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Im reminded of UT3 crosshairs and the limitations that came with them being all in one image file. I would rather have them all different files as they would be easier to edit and find the center points. Also less chance of making something too big or small. Just my two cents. I am thankful for the different xhairs in build #28.
  2. Funeral

    Will Someone Explain Triple Jump Mechanics?

    +1 and whats up Mazu!? Long time no see.
  3. Funeral

    New to Reflex, Hello!

    Hello and welcome.
  4. The majority of the palyer base is going to be QL and CPM players. It's only natural that these type of things are being asked for/made by the players. Cant invite me on to a baseball field only to roll me a football.
  5. Funeral

    Build 28 - Input feedback

    Everything feels the same with the #28 build. Still have mirco stutter that I can only detect by aimming at one point and moving around.
  6. Funeral

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    *edit* I removed my Steam URL due to constant phishing and BS friend request from bots crawling this site. Dallas Tx.  
  7. Funeral

    Bright coloured players instead of outlines.

    Im really digging the outlines. Please leave that in as an option. Its so fresh compaired to fullbright skins (that I love btw). Love the green outline. Did I say I like the outline? K.
  8. Funeral

    [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    Im feeling this entire post. Arena modes are a must and 1v1 Arena/King of the hill/Rocket Arena is a great idea. Some of the most fun I had gaming was playing on BNW Jedi Knight Academy duel servers. It was best of three rounds (usually) and the winner stayed playing while the player who just lost moved to spec and was in queue to play again. It kept the flow interesting. Allowed players to talk strategy, spectate the player who just beat them, and was a social hot ground. Similar to QL duel, but didn't take as long. Just my 2 cents for the moment. I have a ton of ideas that I would love to unload but Im really liking where things are heading. Grabbed the game tonight and had a blast playing it. Thanks for such a level headed and humble approach to Arena Fps, keep up the excellent work!
  9. Funeral

    Stuff that annoys me so far :)

    Im sure they are working on or planning this. But +1 on the self death notice And +1 ona kill beep.
  10. Funeral

    Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    Take is slow, it will come.