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  1. waldfee

    Sensitivities and Play-Style

    Awesome, ‚ÄčIll be on board.
  2. I would really like a poster, but can only select small as the size. Any plans to make the bigger posters possible?
  3. waldfee

    0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

    It would be nice if we had a console command to overlay the widget names over all widgets. sometimes when i want to move a widget around i have no idea what the widget's name is.
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  5. waldfee

    How can I get my beautiful UPS counter back?

    Yeah exactly. My post wasn't clear. I was continuing dnl's thoughts - move the meter and make it a bar. The widget system is just awesome, many things we can do with it.
  6. waldfee

    0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

    nice update! on thing i noticed: ui_show_widget without a widget name should list all available widgets imho
  7. waldfee

    How can I get my beautiful UPS counter back?

    And make it a bar
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  10. waldfee

    0.31.2 - Looks better, runs faster.

    same here. having way less trouble with movement now. awesome it kinda feels like my airspeed is way higher than before. just better feeling after engine changes, myself (have not played in a while) or bug?
  11. waldfee

    [dp5] furnace

    Great map, many fun. thank you
  12. waldfee

    Feedback when getting hit

  13. waldfee

    Anyone else really like the dev textures

    Yeah love them too. Newborn said they will stay as the "high visibility" textures option afaik.
  14. waldfee

    0.30.x - New! Improved! Netcode!

    Thanks for the detailed writeup. Really appreciate it. I simply should play more to get a better feeling for it I think. and I am looking forward to your new idea :-)