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  1. Tired means that you cannot aim as fast. Your sensitivity is restricted by a %. (and no, sensitivity binds cannot override it). You will slowly re-gain your stamina (depending on type of stamina you're tired in (depending on which weapon attacks you used)). Hopefully this will help reduce ownage, and make the game fun for noobs and noobs that are incapable of being pro. Thanks for listening,
  2. arkore

    Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    Congratulations on the release of 38.
  3. arkore

    Santa coming to Reflex... ;-)

    Lol. ​videoeditor effect. it's a joke video. look at the sky, it says "Nope", then plays rickrolled music.
  4. arkore

    Two gameplay suggestions

    I wanted to say this ever since Nov, 2014, when I first saw the stakegun. I think the stakegun is a great idea, and sets this game apart from the rest. However, it should not be an actual weapon that you need to switch to. That is wrong. Unless the switch was instant, and instant switch back to prevous weapon. In other words, it should be (like what Arnold said) a special action that you can activate at any moment, which keeps the game flow smooth and uninterrupted. I was shocked when I saw news of it first being removed. It creates new gameplay. The sort-of gameplay reminds me of Q2 expert CTF.
  5. ​Meanwhile, one hundred new people join Reflex because duel is no longer the main focus. Sounds like a good trade-off to me. And I didn't say Duel would be removed. It can remain, and even be renamed to "Classic Duel" --- As for Sky, I've never thought of disliking a post before, until I read your post. A stranger telling me to fuck off, is not what God would do. Life is a gift to us, and is supposed to be fun. Life shouldn't be miserable, like you.
  6. I realize that duel gamemode is ingraved into most people's minds, and that people try to take it further (discussions about spawn system, and forming strategies, etc. etc.). But, it's wrong. It's a step backwards. I think we need to ditch duel (rename it "Classic Duel", and be done with it), look forward to new gameplay ideas. Reflex is a powerful engine, that is worth millions of dollars, and this is Turbo Pixel's opportunity to do something great with it, and not repeat garbage history. I realize this is drastic for some of you to hear, and some of you might fall out of your chair reading this. But, that's the reality.
  7. Look. I knew if I were to get specific, you guys would steamroll all over it. So, I kept it vague, so that you all can interpret it the way you'd like and steamroll each other about it. Like I said, I'm not a fan of handicap mechanics. But, this is what I naturally felt when observing duel gameplay. It was a natural reaction/idea, and I posted it so that I wouldn't forget it. There are couple of people in this thread that make good points, that somewhat go hand-in-hand with what I said. I think the way the duel gamemode is, is wrong. I think it's been wrong for the past 30 years, since Quake 1. I think that duel gamemode is only there because the developers (of Quake 1, or (Doom 1)) didn't bother to invest any valuable time into it. They just effortlessly slapped in some spawnpoints, and said "wallah!, here's your duel gameplay" Maps need to be perfectly designed for this kind of duel gamemode to work, which I think is impossible. I think this is what Rocket Arena mod was so succesful when it came out. It was they most popular mod, in all Quake games. In reflex, this is called A1V1. Where both players are given the same spawn points (one on each side of an arena), and given full weapons, health, and armor. It's a fair match. This whole idea of running around a random map, and controlling items and spawnpoints is nothing more than something that we invented out of the limited gamemode we've been given. I think we can do more than that, and Reflex is our opportunity to do so. New ideas.
  8. arkore

    CA_Vil1Overkill ATDM map

    I remember playing this map many times in Rocket Arena 3. It's a pretty cool map.
  9. arkore

    f14p2 (v1.8)

    The map is certainly looking good (layout) from the screenshot I saw. Keep up the good work.
  10. I'm not a fan of handicap mechanics, but, meh... Idea: In duel, each time you die, you get a boost until you make a frag.
  11. arkore

    0.37.3 Point Release (cake and murder!)

    ​First baby step taken. Next step, Reflex snow.
  12. arkore

    Modern Map Remakes Thread

    Mayan Showdown - Rocket Arena - Quake 1 http://reflexfiles.com/file/82 Arena X - Rocket Arena - Quake 1 http://reflexfiles.com/file/76
  13. arkore

    [Feature Request] Snow.

    Yeah, that's what I'm saying now. Start off with at least the game doing it itself when we hit the months of november, december, and january. Something quick and dirty effect that a dev can throw in there, activates between date/time range, for any map.
  14. arkore

    [Feature Request] Snow.

    So, winter is coming up again soon here, and I'd like to see a very basic and simple effect of snow in-game, as well as some meshes of snow for the floors. Thanks,
  15. arkore

    Scripted brushes?

    Would be good for doing animated backgrounds of your levels, for example, lights going on and off of windows of a building in the background.