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  1. namejs2002


    Movement on clan arena now without clipping isn't really enjoyable (same on other gamemodes) . On cpm i was rocket jumping on map @ 1000 ups flying , killing like crazy while listening Prodigy- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtmNPoWFzKE On reflex now u do first rocket jump, than hit just a bit a wall and instantly loose your speed, that useless and annoying.
  2. namejs2002

    Will the item timers stay?

    If they stay , half player base will migrate away, hate is too big there. Myself love timers and i think they add more tactical possibilities then removes , but say that those ignorant QL noobs...
  3. namejs2002

    Will the item timers stay?

    I'am 90% sure they will be removed and added in "cassual" mode,thats would be best decision.
  4. namejs2002

    Poll about Mouse Input

    U didn't get ,derp? there no reason to lock at 333 at all , (unless u have monitor like that(or half that -166 hz, or lets say same -333 hz) its math, and overall- for smoothness reasons, if u don't get that, u too new in gaming. U cant just make some random no sense setups, like 60 hz monitor, 333 max fps, 500hz mouse, 1200dpi, and expect game to run smooth and responsive, of course u will have problems.... plz no response, u look too stupid anyway,no more my waste of time MnstH edit: Please try to bring your posts across in a more constructive manner.
  5. namejs2002

    Poll about Mouse Input

    Why the fuck 333 max fps,make no sense. U have 166/333 hz monitor or what ? Remember that old quake max fps bug have no effect in player movements anymore ,this is custom engine u should use one of those values : 63 125 150 250 300 500 1000 etc.
  6. namejs2002

    Poll about Mouse Input

    Feels same level as QW input, almost perfect.
  7. namejs2002

    New weapon concepts!

    What about that electro grenades, current grenades/explosion will be replaced? Would be cool i think
  8. namejs2002

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    Stop being suck an idiot , items timers adds more tactics/strategy then removes! Have u actually played game on at least medium skill lvl ? Now at least there are actual item controlling and delaying, also more trapping on items. And players on high/medium level knows all items times anyway ...+ - few seconds , so no loose there. " modes are boring and brainless, better aimer wins." I just LOL,I JUST CAN'T plz stop post in forums, u either too stupid with low IQ,either have not enought experience in arena fps,sor.
  9. namejs2002

    Amari_HUD release!

    I'am just interested, is there possible with new ui system make hud,who looks like ,lets say Hard Reset,kind of with spinning 3d armour models or shit like that,is there possible to make hud more shinny with some real HQ textures or smth ? All i'v seen yet is some basical 2d stuff
  10. namejs2002

    Rockets are Overpowered

    Agrie, but i think rail will be reduced sooner or later, because 80 dmg rail is just too much for such a good netcode
  11. namejs2002

    0.32.1 - Explosion proof walls

    Mega respawn idea need to change,its terrible
  12. namejs2002

    0.31.2 - Looks better, runs faster.

    Max fps 333 will fell like crap in any case, unless u have 333 / 166 hz monitor .Why u would do that, this is not OSP V1.03 Grow up hillbilly
  13. namejs2002

    Development Roadmap (February 2015)

    Nothing mentioned about ground accel change? Or i missed it? ... Its just way too fast at moment Or is it hard to implement/change ? And how about that damage splashes on screen when u get hit , usually its too hard to see even crosshair in heavy firefights its bloody mess on screen .(nice triplepost gangnoob btw )
  14. namejs2002

    Any way to over ride auto config?

    saveconfig game
  15. namejs2002

    brcpm24 - Phrantic remake/remix

    Playing in this map is good example how OP RL is and how weak IO feels , with such fast ground accel. About map , for some reason found pretty hard to telejump to YA, was missing every 3rd jump when in action, kinda need bit delay telejump to be successful or maybe thats how telejumps works in reflex... Lava is pretty shitty when u fall in , almost un possible to get out, and after that chaingun spawn u by reflexes run forward a bit and fall in too lava died so much times for that.How about RA room, it very shitty trap, was winning all my fights just by controlling YA+MEGA ,it was same problem in cpm i think, most fights are "rape or get raped" even on pretty much equal skill. I would suggest to add maybe jumpad in RA room who would sway u in GL direction, or at least some triplejump possibility to get on GL platform,its juts overall too punishing to even bother and go to RA Anyway love map, any chance of cpm15 next remake?