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  1. SquishyPon3

    Enough with the tiny maps!

    Good point, I hadn't thought about the need to go get the rocket. Here I think I can give some examples from my own map. This is the center of my map with the quad up on this post, there are three ways that I know to get there. You can double jump from the ground outside the pit, or if your in the pit you can triple circle jump up a couple of blocks on the side, or if you're up top you can just walk over from pink or purple tower and single jump.
  2. SquishyPon3

    Enough with the tiny maps!

    This is why maps must be designed from the ground up to cater to a larger group of players if that's the intention, as throwing it in later breaks the map. I won't argue there shouldn't be advanced and simple maps, but I do believe there should be some mid level maps thst cater to both groups, and are built as such. An example: there's a map, can't remember the name now- but it let's you do a stair circle jump in the stairwell to get to red armor, but the simpler way is rocket jump to get up there for newwer players, perfect.
  3. SquishyPon3

    Enough with the tiny maps!

    To be honest I don't much count rocket jump as a trick jump, as anyone can rocket jump. In fact id consider rocket jump as being a nice alternative easier way to get to an item that has a more pro, faster, or safer way through trick jumps. If you've ever played Halo 2 there is a map, lockout. In this map there is a tower in which it's possible to jump from the rail of a walkway onto the frame of a door through something named double jumping (spamming left control stick click allows you to jump just a bit higher), and then doing so again to get to the top, by double jumping to the top ledge of the tower, in Halo that's a trick jump. The other way up is a simple walkway which is a bit slow and leaves the player open (the trick jump way allows suprise attacks.) This is the kind of gameplay Id like to see in reflex, only using its physics engine and mechanics.
  4. SquishyPon3

    Enough with the tiny maps!

    Skill jumps should exist, but they should never be the only way to get to an item, unless the map was intended to be played by very professional players exclusively, do we agree on that at least?
  5. SquishyPon3

    Reflex steam group

    Ah alrighty. Though I must say I think it'd be cool if they'd make a version being sold on their website, because even if I personally enjoy steam- including its social aspect. Many refuse to use it for it's very mild DRM. (even if the game's are playable offline ^^; )
  6. SquishyPon3

    Reflex steam group

    Oh? I had though this game was on Steam early access only, didn't see anything of the game after the kickstarter failed. (I pledged 80USD if I remember correctly)
  7. Personally the majority of maps I will make will be symmetrical, as it removes spawn luck from the equation. (It's bizarre to me to see a competetive community that doesn't hugely favour symmetrical maps. XD )
  8. SquishyPon3

    Burstgun nerf was necessary or not?

    Exactly! See in my opinion power weapons should have the lowest ttk, whilst the burst gun has one of the highest. However... it should be much harder to achieve the optimal ttk with a power weapon, whIle easy to do with the burst gun. Just think about it... If the skill gap of the burst gun is so low the burst gun will be the best generalist weapon, a weapon anyone can sort of use, and nobody can really master. While Power weapons need skill to utilize their true potential.
  9. SquishyPon3

    Burstgun nerf was necessary or not?

    You don't need to invalidate map control to stop spawn killing, the issue is right now it's next to impossible to regain a footing if someone has the power weapons, you'll probably argue it should be like that, I disagree, it's bad balance and isn't fun for anyone. Its not fun for someone with everything as they easily dominate, and it'd not fun for the victim as they cant do anything other than spawn and die.
  10. Well now I personally believe that offense should of course have the advantage, as they have power weapons/armour/etc... Because map control should be important, but at the moments it's to the point where to me gaining back map control after someone else has it is too difficult, and that the weapon you spawn with should at east be able to hold its own. Honestly I'd probably make the starting weapon fire a bit faster, and deal less damage. The point being weapons like that require less skill than others. Basically to me a spawn weapon should be your most simple and easy to use weapon, but can still sort of hold its own. edit: Boiled down I mean that start weapon should have a longer optimal ttk, but make it easy to achieve said ttk. While most power weapons have lower ttk, but only if used correctly.
  11. I was thinking more so of team or 1v1 matches to be honest. Edit: And about more players than spawns, obviously of there are more players than spawns you're probably having more players than the map maker intended the map for.
  12. SquishyPon3

    Competitive Team-Mode possible?

    Classes can often hurt team play (though team fortress works nicely because they at least have niches) Power weapons and same starts mean everyone is equal and team members must work together to gather power weapons and eliminate enemies. Good team communication is vital. Though this is coming from a Halo player, which does have some very different ttk and starting weapon, but I'd very much so imagine it'd work very similar in Reflex and other arena type games.
  13. Start spawns being ones you spawn at in the beginning of the game, and regular spawns being places where youll whilst in the middle of a game. This'll be nice for some pre set up equal spawns at the beginning of the game, and random spawns afterwards.
  14. SquishyPon3

    Reflex Movement Overview for New Players

    As far as I can tell Halo seems to have this as well, to a point anyway. Except there is a bit more timing it seems, as you can just jump off the building and hold jump, you need to time it when you're a bit above the ground. Though I suppose you could classify Halo as a quake like as well since even Spawns sets, power weapons, etc...
  15. "Spawn raping" being a part of any game Is an obvious symptom of bad balance, especially if it's prevalent in players of equal skill Level.