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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=645403251 Endurance (bdetourney2 | bdet2), is a strategic duel and FFA map. Unlike many of the other Reflex maps Endurance doesn't have a lower level built as a looped structure, like The Catalyst (thct7) and Shadowfalls (dp9). Instead, it has a branched layout known and inspired by classic quake maps like Blood Run, Toxicity, Campgrounds and Lost World. To make up for the lower branched level, Endurance has an upper level that is looped to allows players to cut each other off between rooms, to create interesting gameplay. All art was done by @fht.
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    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Play the current version in-game via the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=645403251
  3. Bjarke

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    bdetourney2, Endurance on the workshop.
  4. Bjarke

    [Duel] Rapture

    I really enjoy the map and the way it's heading. My best feedback at the moment is that you need to clear all those minor annoyances that disrupt the flow. A lot of times I have found myself getting stuck on a piece of wood sticking out from the wall, or bumping my head on a little too low placed ledge -- causing me to lose all the momentum I was trying to build up (or had). Maybe in some time when I've gotten back to playing some more Reflex again, I can give additional feedback. Other than that, thanks for the fun cup!
  5. Bjarke

    Calendar - terit4

    One of the hitches for me is that I feel like the area around the lower yellow is kind of claustrophobic. Overall the map looks great.. Any chance the horizontal teleporter is inspired by akumacpm1a?
  6. Bjarke

    bHUD Official Thread

    Current version: 1.0, 24th November 2 015. Hello everyone, It has been requested a couple of times that I should upload the hud I’ve been working on for some time now. The HUD is best described as a reincarnation of the original CPMA hud from long back. There're a lot of different ways to customize the armor and health bar, so I hope you will enjoy it. Currently, there’s no clock in the hud, so you have to use the default one or get one from another HUD. Personally I recommend the one from DraQu HUD or DP2 hud. At some point, I will be doing new features such has flag indicators, team overlays, clock, etcetera. But for now you’re only going to get the barebones somewhat stable version. You can download the HUD here. Pictures here. Report bugs and other issues in this thread or message me; Bjarke @ QuakeNet on IRC. I’m not looking for suggestions, and I will probably not do anything custom for you guys.
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    ​The default one?
  8. Bjarke


    Weapon rack that's invisible. But fades in when you change weapon, then fades out some seconds after. =)
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    HUD Feedback Thread!

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    Map names?

    ​My best shot would be Ben, since it's probably Electro' map.
  11. Bjarke

    Map names?

    <author><mode><number> thcdm13 - Tehace Deathmatch 13 (made for FFA/DM/1v1) thct7 - Tehace Tourney 7 (explicitly made for 1v1)
  12. Bjarke

    Everything unbinded

    You can write "loadconfig game_default" in your console to switch to the default bind set.
  13. Intro: The announcement of the duel map competition, has led me to study the “top” maps in Reflex. Including various articles on Q3A level design. Pat Howard the author of maps such as Goldleaf, Q and his recently released Trespass. Has done a very interesting article on the connectivity system of some maps. http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?40787-Connectivity-Systems Analysis: It got me thinking: What is the general style of connectivity system in Reflex? The most played map on f3allready.com made by community members is DP5 by def, followed by DP4 of the same author. DP4 & DP5 Both have a top-level loop and one branch on the bottom. DP4 is still quite different to DP5. When you play DP4, you are getting into a lot more “forced transitions” as Pat describes it. Where as in DP5 you are freer to move around. Could this be why DP5 has higher ranking and used more in competitions than DP4? Let us look at some other tournament maps. The map ranked after DP4 is thct7. A map that’s thought to be one of the “best”, by the community, and appear in almost every tournament. Looking at the connectivity system it has a loop on the macro (lower level), which you can run comfortably. The high level consist of two loops with a branch between them (8 shaped). (The eight shaped loop appears in tehace’ other maps as well. Being most obvious in thcdm13 -- which is a map that receives a lot of playtime as well). Conclusion: DP5, THCT7 and THCDM13, are the most picked maps in tournaments, and their layout style are all quite similar. They also have almost the same world size (thcdm13 not so much though). Discussion: People seem to prefer small looped (circular), levels more than branched ones. How could this be? In Q3A / QL, people seem to play many branched maps. Pat says that “...heavily branched layout provides a lot of interesting opportunities for map control” when he analyzed Lost World. Why do we not see these types of maps being played/made in Reflex? Is Reflex not fit for branched layouts? Thoughts/insight? (If any information is wrong, please don't bash me) More by Pat Howard: Fundamentals of Gameplay I & II