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  1. Moon

    New weapon concepts!

    I was completely shocked when I herd this game was gonna take place during the 1930's. I mean "Reflex" doesn't sound like the name of a game taking place in this era. I thought the guns looked ugly at first too. They are starting to grow on me. The more I look at them the more I imagine running around looking like some bad ass, Sherlock Holmes or Inspector Gadget or Dick Tracey type of character. But on speed. lol
  2. Moon

    New weapon concepts!

    Okay I understand but the art in the pictures looks very steam punk and either way it is ugly. That is my opinion. I hope I have a free option to completely change those skins if they make it in. I'll have to go read your post now. *edit* Read your post and I can calm down now. We'll see how it all plays out. For the amount of money I paid for this game I defiantly already got my moneys worth tho, so I'm not trying to complain too hard. I've been away for a little while and I came back and seen those pictures first thing and it was a shocker. That's all. (:
  3. Moon

    New weapon concepts!

    There is a reason why sci-fi is everywhere. Because steam-punk is ugly. lol
  4. Moon

    New weapon concepts!

    Not feeling this at all. I'm a HUGE cyberpunk fan and have always hated steam punk. This really feels like some sort of steam punk. Puke.
  5. Moon


    OMG I'm dumb just realized I had the wrong version up for DL. Fixed. Please re download for the updated version. Sorry for any inconvenience. Link in original post fixed.
  6. Moon


    Tricky Mega! Maybe it's bad map design but I think it's fun.
  7. Moon

    Development Roadmap (February 2015)

    As always I'm excited about all the hard work the team has been doing and can't wait for all the updates. Good work!
  8. Moon


    *Bump* Just wanted to let you guys know that I updated this thing. Interested in some feed back. Go play it.
  9. Stake gun is cool and all but should never replace the rail.
  10. Moon

    Perflexia - defrag map

    Thank you for playing it. (:
  11. Moon

    Perflexia - defrag map

    Haha funny thing is I had a hidden room in the lava that had a portal that was gonna lead to a secret challenge room when I first made the map. I eventually took it out because I felt like anyone could just go into edit mode and find it by flying around. Plus I was eager to release the map. If you jumped into the lava before the first strafe pad and turned around and quickly walked forward you would make it into the secret room before the lava killed you. Wish I kept it now.
  12. Moon

    Perflexia - defrag map

    Beast. You completely jumped over my water room. lol Fastest so far that I've seen. Good job, glad you enjoyed the map. 
  13. Moon

    ClanArena mode

    Please don't force us CA players to play other modes....make CA an official mode. I like CA almost exclusively. I don't want to be nudged into playing other modes. I do play other game modes sometimes in QL but CA is my jam. It does have it's own skill....I've known good Duel players who destroy me in duel by controlling the map but when they face me 1v1 in CA the tables turn.
  14. Moon


    but I'm not a rapper
  15. Moon

    Battle meh...

    I did forward those...I took server down to do something cus noone was joining. Up now for abit. Was testing the STEAM stream.