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  1. Workshop Link A remake of QuakeWorld's DM6: The Dark Zone, scaled to 120% Please note that this map was made back in 2015. I've simply taken this map and added ammo, and fixed missing static meshes. I did not create the original map, nor the original copy of the Reflex remake. Credit for both is due to their original authors. Original map (QW) by Tim Willits Reflex remake by nabique / recluse / psycho_luv Ammo added by Goober
  2. Not sure if it's the same version, but a dm4 remake is available on ReflexFiles: [Link]
  3. Goober

    rtrip Beta 1 - based on ptrip from Quake 2

    I've uploaded this map to the workshop and made some changes based on feedback from players. Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Workshop link: [Link] Update Sept 13 2016: -Added ammo -Changed teleporter to jumppad -Added some effects (crates) -Adjusted some sizing Still lots of work to do on it, but I'd like to get the gameplay hammered out before I start making it look pretty. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  4. Goober

    ReflexFiles.com - Community Map Database

    Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and mention that ReflexFiles.com now has a UI category for uploaded files. Feel free to upload any and all of your custom UI elements/widgets!
  5. Big update: Gameplay: -Moved MH to bottom tunnel (where GA used to be) -Removed both GAs -Added second YA, near where MH used to be -Added bridge and ramp in long room Aesthetics: -Added lights and calculated lightmaps -Added point lights of the respective colors around armors and MH -"nolight" applied to all faces that aren't in view -Basic texturing completed -Added Reflex logo decal I've also updated the screenshots on ReflexFiles.com. Let me know what you think!
  6. I'll definitely upload a copy with some simple lightmaps soon. I've played a number of 1v1s on the map with friends during construction, and it really hasn't felt too big. It's definitely a larger 1v1 map, but the size hasn't seemed like a bad thing during testing. You can navigate the map surprisingly quickly given its size. The GA/RL area being too open was something I was really worried about when I made it, but through playtesting it hasn't really been an issue. I'm always opening to changing it of course, but with the 1v1s I've played on it so far, it hasn't really seemed to be a problem. I'm hoping some other people are able to play a few 1v1s on it and provide feedback on how it plays as well. Thanks for your feedback!
  7. Uploaded second rev of map. -Began to add basic coloring to armor locations, not finished this yet -Rounded corners -Changed all staircases from 16u to 8u -Added trickjump ledges -Fixed grating under RA I haven't updated the screenshots yet. Next on the agenda is basic texturing, so I'll update the screenshots when I upload that version. Thanks for the feedback guys! Much appreciated!
  8. Hey guys, I've been working on this new 1v1 map for a few days now. It doesn't have any lightmaps or textures as of yet, I just uploaded it so it can hopefully get some good playtesting, and I can hopefully get some feedback/suggestions. Give it a try and let me know what you think! [Download the map]
  9. Goober

    ReflexFiles.com - Community Map Database

    An initial API should be done in the next 2 days or so.
  10. Hey guys, I've spent the last few days working on this map. Download the map Give it a try! Any and all suggestions/feedback is appreciated!
  11. Goober

    rtrip Beta 1 - based on ptrip from Quake 2

    That's the main reason I always liked the map so much. I'd love to get a few more duels on it as well. [PURRI vs Provi Quake2 EDL# 8 Invitational map2 ptrip Part1] Above is a video of a match played on the map in Quake 2. The base layout is pretty much the same. The jumppad and teleporter in my Reflex version were lifts in the original, and the new YA staircase was a ladder in the original. The YA/SG area is definitely the biggest changeup, but I think it's more suited to Reflex's gamestyle this way. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Goober

    DM_Under (UT2004 Remake)

    Cool map man! You definitely put a nice amount of detail into it. It seems like it'd be pretty fun in FFA. I'd recommend swapping the ramps for stairs though.
  13. Goober

    rtrip Beta 1 - based on ptrip from Quake 2

    Reworked the YA/SG area based on feedback from testers. Uploaded new version a few mins ago, download link in original post. More updates coming soon! I welcome any and all feedback
  14. Goober

    Playtesting duel maps

    http://reflexfiles.com/file/1 Thanks a lot man! Much appreciated EDIT: Forum topic:
  15. Goober

    Reflex Wiki Now Online

    The wiki really can become whatever the community wants it to be. While the original idea of putting it up was the consolidation of mapping info and guides, if the community wants to expand it past that we've got no problem with it.