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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Catalyst just needs a new artpass (no reflective foors, less grids on walls, less darkness/improved lighting) and it will be fine. r_lm_clear was only needed on badly lit maps. I'm happy it got removed from the game. But the new DP4 looks a bit too simple for my taste.
  2. HaraldQuake

    bad performance

    Hey guys. Since the new update I get extremely low fps (~25 fps). Any ideas how to fix this? My guess is that it might have to do with the new texture streaming or sv_pure? I uninstalled all addons and the problem still exists. Is there a way to disable texture streaming?
  3. HaraldQuake

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Great Update! Next step should be to improve matchmaking so you can actually find games for any other modes besides duel.
  4. HaraldQuake

    Sushiflex ACE Cup

    So this will be a series of duels? I think there are no more custom rulesets in current build. How to play sushiflex? I would be interessted to play such a mappool
  5. HaraldQuake

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Please add stakegun.
  6. HaraldQuake

    sv_pure poll

    Region:EU Highest rank achieved in matchmaking:Platinum Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/:Yes I use them because I don't want to be disadvantaged. Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?:Yes Why?Reasoning/Arguments/etc. I think that art, sound and character/environment design and somewhat good looking effects add a lot to a videogames character and appeal. I like to compete in games but for me it's also about having fun and good graphics, effects and some background story keep me coming back to a game.. and just because a game can be made of the absolute minimum I don't think it should be. I like rockettrails, individual playercolors, lights and shadows, explosions, gibbing and blood on walls but I always disable all of that because I get a massive disadvantage when I have them enabled. I would love to have an even playing field (just like in Counter-Strike) with standardized visuals (but I agree that visibility can still be improved: the amount of IC impact sparks is too high and should be reduced, also add an option to regulate brightness of player brightskins and rocketflares seperately to the general environment brightness. It would be nice, because that way we can have effects while also having important information highlighted.. it would also make the shiny metal floors on T7 way less distractive.. and please bring back the old playermodel outlines and make them an optional thing). Or in general: if you have distracting effects inside a game they should get changed to something more suitable for everyone. For HUD and Sounds I think a whitelist would be great.
  7. HaraldQuake

    Please don't let the game die

    Comig back from Quake Champions I have to say that I much prefer Reflex Arena. The problem is that Reflex is pretty much dead besides some hardcore veterans playing and stomping me in duel 0 : 40 all the time. Team gamemodes don't get played at all (besides Clan Arena, which bores me quickly). Mostly I can't even find a Free For All match.. What can we do to get more people playing Reflex? There hasn't been an Update for the game since ~ half a year and I really don't know what the devs are working on right now. Maybe their strategy is to silently work on the game until the Quake Champions hype is over. I read somewhere that there aren't any new features planned, but they are improving the existing ones (which sounds good but anyway it's bad that nobody is playing gamemodes besides duel). Thoughts? Edit: I really like the sacrefice mode in Quake Champions. It has all the gameplay elements I like: picking up armors and weapons, timing Powerup each 2 minutes, moving fast, defending your base and attacking the enemy base... and it allows nice teamplay since you have to conquer the soul from the enemy obelisk. You can't just rush into the enemy base, get the flag and run out again. You have to work with your team to contest the objective... and I like that you can pass the soul over towards a teammate. This adds another layer of teamplay and coordination.
  8. HaraldQuake

    Please don't let the game die

    I think the game would become much more addictive for non-competetive play if there was daily Challenges and more unlockable (maybe some rare) cosmetics like a variety of gunmodels and paintovers. Another really helpful thing would be 3D item timers on item spawnpoints. I think this is a great feature for both competetive and noncompetetive because it makes the game more readable and also allows players to scout itemstimers for themself and their team. It would make in contol play also slightly harder since it will be easier to set up traps.
  9. HaraldQuake

    Small suggestions/bugs

    Nah. Edit: Areal denial doesn't work in this game anyway (except with overpowered Rama-ruleset IC knockback or lucky prefire rocket directs). There barely isn't any knockback in Reflex. Even if I know my enemy is going to rush me and I shoot my rocket or GL into his way (into the chokepoint) in most cases my enemy just simply jumps above my small rocket explosion barely recieving any damage and without losing any speed or movementcontol. I realised this in the old ruleset already and used more horizontal plasma spam for defensive +back play and it worked quite well. In the new Rama ruleset rushing with IC is even more effective because of increased IC knockback but defensive play still doesn't seem to work that well. I'm not 100% sure what changes they did to the plasma with the new ruleset it seems like it now has a lower rate of fire (which makes defensive play harder) but only a very slight damage buff (now 16 instead of 15)...I like to have some kb on IC but in the new ruleset it feels too extreme when I compare it to classic areal denial weapons like GL or RL. Good players can just always hunt you down no matter how fast you are trying to hop away. You just get pushed against the next wall and that's it. As I said I think it's fun to have kb on IC to grab enemies in the air but with rama ruleset it just feels overpowered and somehow breaks the movement. Either make all weapons have high kb (especially classic crowd contol weapons like RL and GL) or maybe reduce IC range even further (to make it more likely to escape a rushing IC player). So.. I am not a fan of further nerfing GL. People have to stop comparing this game with QL where strafejumping is a bit less effective and GL actually works for areal denial (QL maps have tighter chokepoints and heavyer positional play because you can't fly up stairs). I think originally Reflex tried to make explosives a lot more like QW (which for me it makes sense for all gamemodes). Since newborn left there is almost no QW influence left in this game. GL would be completely useless without the chance to hit directs. Offensive play is way too favored atm. If you don't have IC your enemy can even rush up sets of stairs super quickly. Hitting directs is the only option to stop a rusher.
  10. HaraldQuake

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Why always only duel? Do TDM. Please.
  11. HaraldQuake

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    More chest, arms and legs variation would be great aswell. Atm most models in game still have this tankjr body style.
  12. HaraldQuake

    Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    Being able to find 2v2 teamplay matches in matchmaking in a reasonable timeframe is the most important thing to fix. I think the game needs an in-game ladder (which resets it's stats each month) for teampla modes with special rewards (for example some kind of player titles to show off to others). This will give players more reason to play teamplay. Current maps in the 2v2 pool (termal blast, phobos, iron guard) are rather big compared to furnace, catalyst, ruin or aerowalk. I think it's good to have limited weapons on maps. It makes weaker weapons like shotgun more useful when ammo on powerful weapons like rocketlauncher is limited. I think QW is more fun and generally better than Reflex but it's a completely different game (weapons stay, different respawn timers on major items, lower ammolimits, instant weaponswitch, no Q3 style srafejump, sharper aircontrol, smaller playermodels, lower viewheight, higher gravity, hitscan spawnweapon, no boltrifle, higher explosive splash range, more knockback, mostly tighter maps). I think it's rather unlikely that more aspects of QW will get introduced into Reflex in future. Q3, QL and Quake Champions community and popularity have way more influence on this game than ancient QW.
  13. HaraldQuake

    Would you like the game to be like that?

    Quickplay: Redirect players to random populated server from serverbrowser (remove casual MM entirely, remove carnage from casual gamemodes to make them more beginner friendly, especially teammodes become unbalanced very quickly with a single person timing carnage.. so why not remove it for casual modes?) In my opinion race is not a real gamemode so I would make a separate quickplay button for that. Competetive Duel should have a small mappool (4 maps: 1 classic evergreen from Quake, 2 Reflex maps, 1experimental map for testing and finalising new community maps because proving grounds doesn't work. I always end up playing catalyst when queueing in both playlists. Nobody plays proving grounds.) I prefer small mappools, because it keeps the game more simple and gives me less headache. I can focus on few maps that matter and learn them better. I don't have to worry about learning/practising too many maps at once, which motivates me to play more and feel progression. So.. better have a small mappool in comp, but make it rotate all 4 - 6 weeks. Maybe do not change the whole mappool for a new pool, but exchange the two most played and the least played maps. Or... if the least played map is a new community map, it should get removed from comp for a while. With some rework done the updated map could make a return in a future comp mappool. Competetive should also have 3v3 TDM (maybe rename this gamemode to 'carnage control' since this is what the gamemode is about really..) and some form of CTF (I currently don't mind CTF, because it's the least fun/balanced gamemode. In my opionion there should not be carnage in any CTF map and the game should be played roundwise (1 capture per round to prevent serious snowballing and maybe make items respawn only one time oer round). Maybe remove carnage from CTF entirely, replace it with an instagib-rifle (since it's a lot more balanced and more fun to use im CTF) and add a Hook pickup to each base. Add Stakegun. Add more knockback and linear splashdamage to rockets and grenades, but lower rocket and GL ammo (because Quakeworld is the best and Reflex should move more towards QW direction instead of some wiered boring QL/PQL mix, we already have Quake Champions to play slower paced, super strategic gimmic AFPS)... atm Reflex is a pure armor and hitscan fest. It's not as much fun as in the early reflex days (I hope it will be better in Rama-ruleset). And please bring back red blood, stronger gravity and add more weapon models. I prefered the old weapon models by a lot (first pass GL, Shotgun, RL and Boltrifle.. For tje most part they looked more simple, but they were smaller, longer and had better proportions.. and not too much unnecessary geometry).
  14. HaraldQuake

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Personally I think T7 would be a better map if there was less healths and maybe slightly different weapon layout. I don't like that it's possible to pick up IC, YA and RA right after each other (beastmode activated) in really short time.
  15. HaraldQuake

    Noobfrienly default weapon binds layout

    R like Rocket G like Grenade E Ioncannon F Shotgun C Boltrifle Q Plasma Y Stake 1 and 2 Startweapons which nobody uses
  16. HaraldQuake

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    I don't think going F2P would be a great idea. 10$ is a fair price for a game that offers a free map editor and addon support. I agree with Sky on some points... I think the pricetag can be a small hurdle for banned cheaters who need new accounts.
  17. HaraldQuake

    Base problems of team modes

    Actually I don't really want to discuss this as it's properly just a matter of taste and opinions (because this is a game with it's own rules which shouldn't be compared to real life). Though I just prefer QW ( https://youtu.be/pkysX175pC0?t=4m35s ) and early Reflex ( https://youtu.be/OX_VDzJxOE4?t=24m30s) because it's more fun to be able to have somewhat "realistic" or reasonable splash on rockets (that enables area-denial and crowd control) and also knockback that makes it possible to interrupt the enemies movement and hit multiple midairs after eachother. I know hitscan fans don't like it but for me this is how a quake-like should play (high knockback, splash and dmg on rockets and high knockback on shaft - personally I don't mind if shaft is medium-high dps because it's knockback and usability alone make it super powerful ). What else I prefer over current Reflex is the old gravity because I think it feels more natural and more consistent to have gravity in proportion to general movement speed --> if there is low inertia at grounded movements then there should also be low inertia while in air (you move too fast/accelerate to too quickly using A or D strafe on ground compared to how fast your playermodel falls down while in air. In current Reflex it always feels like slightly floating in midair while in QW / old Reflex it just felt like movementspeeds are somewhat reasonable (besides special mechanics like bhop and aircontrol) but the whole timescale is higher than in real life.) This is extremely noticable when trying to walk down stairs. It's mostly impossible to move them down silently because you almost always get dropsounds (doesn't happen in QW). I feel like rocket- and grenadelaunchers should be extremely powerful (maybe make them share ammo like in QW and generally make ammo more rare) and armors / hitscan weapons should mainly be bonus. Edit: All in all I think it's important to have a game which has consistent gameplay across all modes (same (self-)damage, knockback, ammolimits, aircontrol, speed etc.). I think duel also works with strong rockets and gl and team modes would profit from them aswell. So besides it being more fun I think it would improve the whole game by making it a more unique and consistent experience.
  18. HaraldQuake

    Dev-Textures on Fusion

    Hey guys, found 2 places where you forgot to use proper materials. Would be an easy fix for an upcoming update.
  19. HaraldQuake

    List of useful links

    Would be nice to have a guide on how to replace sound- or other game-files and how to upload them to steam workshop. (I know I have to make a .pak but not sure what kind of format it is and how to properly upload it.)
  20. HaraldQuake

    Base problems of team modes

    QW was the best in all ways. Duel and Teamplay. Early Reflex (with smaller playermodels, more direct aircontrol and bigger rocketsplash/knockback) was the ideal hybrid between CPM and QW. But people played too much QL and nobody seems to like QW (balance) anymore... So I guess Turbopixel will find a different way to make team based modes more attractive or atleast find a way to make it possible to play them via MM.
  21. HaraldQuake

    Base problems of team modes

    Personally I don't know any modern schooter game where I can easily find competetive TDM or CTF games through matchmaking. Sure I can play TDM in Call if Duty or Battlefield but these games are completely casual. I'd like to play TDM in Reflex or Unreal Tournament 4. But the communities of these games always try to find excuses to not play or further polish these gamemodes.
  22. HaraldQuake

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [AU]

    Please add "The Pandemonium [thct1]" to the mappool
  23. HaraldQuake

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    But with more kb powerweapons will be even more effective than the burstgun (which doesn't rely on kb) so I think burstgun will need a damage buff. Plasma should also be higher dmg per shot and lower rate of fire. For rockets I think it would be cool to increase kb, damageradius and max splashdamage cap at 85... Then to balance it out, reduce it's rate of fire to something between shotgun and br reloadspeed. Stakegun could have about the same rate of fire like current rl and could be the weapon for high dmg direct hits. Rl would be better for blocking of chokepoints on range, knocking back enemies and it would be worse in close combat but a bit better on mid range.