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  1. CadEx

    Timer Timeline Concept

    I did not know this is possible. It certainly makes duels more boring, since both players know, where to go next. And item control will be very hard to break, since the controlling player is unlikely to make mistakes. The widget is amazing.
  2. CadEx

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    This is exactly what I want. Where can I download this?
  3. CadEx

    thcup - hud for spectators

    This is actually harder than to program it.
  4. CadEx

    thcup - hud for spectators

    Whoa, that's an interesting read. Kyto is a person with unspecified gender. Since blowing up is used reflexively, it should be "themself" (logically). But: So the singular for a single person is not yet accepted widely. You have to use the plural instead. The widget uses correct English, as it seems. Sorry.
  5. CadEx

    Random crashes (pc restarts)

    Well, I started playing reflex again after the release of 0.34.1. Now it crashes after about 10 minutes by restarting my pc. My graphics card is a gtx970. I limited fps to 125. Can I provide any additional information? I am enjoying the game so much, but this really ruins it. I could live for while with normal crashes, but not with pc restarts. EDIT: It did not crash, while playing without Texture Micro Details, Bloom and FXAA. The bug is presumably in the implementation of one of this. I will try out the settings one by one. edit: FXAA works.
  6. CadEx

    thcup - hud for spectators

    Is this message "Kyto blew themselves up" from the script? https://youtu.be/60rqpxz3COY?t=5m33s If so, it has to be corrected.
  7. CadEx

    1v1 rules

    Yes, promode movement can sometimes lead to this problem. Depends on the opponent and your own movement skills.
  8. CadEx

    Devils DeFlex

    I did not mean this negatively. Take your time. Although I am a huge Duke fan, I waited patiently for DNF all the time. I trust in 3DRealms and in you.
  9. CadEx

    Devils DeFlex

  10. CadEx

    GeForce GTX 770 or 970

    Coincidentally, I bought a 970 today. Though it is an overclocked version that is almost on par with the 980. It is called "MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G" http://www.gamestar.de/hardware/grafikkarten/nvidia-geforce-gtx-970/test/nvidia_geforce_gtx_970,861,3078382,3.html
  11. I am wondering, if the bots will use a neural network. I read somewhere that the best ever Counterstrike bot was based on one. Here are two research papers describing the development of neural network based bots in Quake 3: http://dawn.ynet.sk/~luvar/skola/clanky/scriptie.pdf I would really like to have bots like this. Another variant would be something like the spiter bot from Quake 3, which had zero reaction time and perfect aim. It was basically cheating.