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    I've talked to newborn about this - I think that server hosts/admins should be able to tweak the weapon settings. While I don't think that there should be weapons you can buy or unlock that simply change how the default weapons work, I do support purchasable cosmetic items. It would be very neat if people could essentially make their own weapons similar in style to something like excessive+, which had rails that were hitscan but exploded on impact. This would allow people to mess around and have fun, but the server list would have to make it very clear that the server had modified weapons. Purists would play on vanilla servers, people who just want to mess around would have servers where the admins can adjust the weapons in whatever way they want.
  2. I agree with all of these ideas. As for the last thing, that's what I meant when I said "or something similar". I think that rank should be something that is obvious, but not intrusive. Having tiers and sub-tiers(kind of like what CS:GO does) would be a perfect idea for a game like this, especially for duel. I think that ELO is deceiving, because it implies that you have an exact rank among players("My elo is 20 more than yours, therefore I'm much better than you!"). Tiers make it easier to think "this person is just as good/bad as I am", as opposed to "I'm better/worse than this person" like with the ELO system.
  3. ^^This ^^ The sooner skill-based matchmaking is implemented, the better. New players will want to play more if they don't get stomped every match. Also, having the rank system be obvious and satisfying will keep players hooked. Perhaps implementing the ELO system or something similar to it, and showing how much your rank is going down or up each match, would help give new players incentive to play and get better. Maybe there could even be graphs to show how you have improved over time. It would also be cool if the server browser listed the average ELO/rank of the players on each server(only if they're ranked, obviously). The worst feeling as a noob is feeling alone. I don't play Street Fighter because I feel like I'm the only player on earth who has no idea what they're doing. I'm sure that a lot of people feel the same way about CPMA/Reflex, or maybe just arena FPS in general (it's far from rare to hear someone say "Quake was fun, I always sucked at it though"). Helping noobs have fun and feel comfortable playing/learning is very important to making the community grow.
  4. You're so self-absorbed it's actually kind of funny.
  5. This is going to make me sound like a smartass, but if the character models were to ignore light/shadowmaps, wouldn't that technically make them fullbright? Not meaning to imply it's a bad idea, just wondering. Also, it would be helpful if players could adjust the opacity and thickness of the outlines within reasonable amounts(not letting outlines exceed the size of the hitbox.)
  6. Well, the only reason I suggested the idea is because it's difficult to tell how much HP an enemy has with the audio cues for hp being almost indistinguishable. I mean, the screaming noises tell you how much hp they have anyways, so if you can't hear or distinguish those sounds, visual cues are nice to have. I agree with you when you say that players should have to learn how to estimate how much of a "stack" their opponent has, but audio cues don't tell you how much armor they have, and neither should visual cues. In 1v1, unless an opponent failed an RJ several times, they shouldn't be low on HP until you fight them anyways. Also, I think it would be confusing for a lot of people if the outlines represented anything but what team you're on.
  7. Not necessarily. If you're an experienced player, you know how stacked your opponent is based on which side of the map they are on anyways. For example, if your opponent is out of control and they need to heal up, and they retreated to a side of the map where a pair of HP bubbles is, you know they're going to heal up anyways. I never said anything about showing how much armor your opponent has, just their HP. So you could see that your opponent has like maybe 50 hp or so, but they could have 200RA, 100YA, you really wouldn't know unless you saw/heard them pick up the item. Also, visual indications of approximate HP would help show how much damage you are doing to your opponent, moreso than screams from an enemy when you shoot them. If a new player saw a shiny robot in nigh-perfect condition in front of them, they might think "He might take a few rockets/stakes to kill." If they were to see a robot with wires hanging out, sparks coming out of them and wear on their armor, they would think "He's almost dead." Instead of just not knowing how much health an enemy has.
  8. Claymation

    [small suggestion] Self-jump volume

    I agree with this idea. Either that or make your own jumping sounds more muffled and quiet(~half/one-third normal volume). Landing sounds in the netcode test are fine.
  9. I've also had ideas like this. Subtle visual indications of enemy health would be cool. However, connecting outline color to health would mess with people seeing as how in team game modes, the outline is locked to team color. Perhaps an approach similar to what Mechassault did would work. For the Robot model, showing the armor becoming more and more worn with large cracks and holes showing off blinking LEDs or whatnot as their health becomes lower. And large gashes and increasing amounts of blood covering the body/armor for the Human model. With that system, you would be able to tell roughly how much health your opponent has just by looking at them.
  10. Claymation

    Weapons stats and damage

    There's already a thread for this.
  11. Claymation

    Netcode upcoming?

  12. Claymation

    Volume of Quad/Carnage when firing automatic weapons

    You can go into the game's files and adjust the carnage sound effect with audacity for now, if it's bad enough to complain about on here. You also might want to keep in mind that most(99%) of the sounds and graphics are placeholders, and are likely to change somewhere down the line.
  13. Claymation


    I thought that's what it was, although I wasn't too sure. Thanks. Also, I hope it stays in Reflex
  14. Claymation


    It doesn't work every time, but it works. This was in CPMA as well iirc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbt_YLlkXUY
  15. Claymation