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  1. Quake 2 style CTF runes (mutator)
  2. Sounds are taken from Forsaken and SiN, which I then edited in Audacity. I can make a video if the pack grows larger but for now it's only a 1MB download and I'm sure everyone has an audio player ready
  3. I made a small sound pack with hit sounds and item announcer http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=27905376149294724902
  4. I felt like I had to offset each viewmodel individually to get them in the same position: bind game 1 weapon 1; cl_weapon_offset_z -1.5; cl_weapon_offset_x 0; cl_weapon_offset_y -1.5 bind game 2 weapon 2; cl_weapon_offset_z -1.5; cl_weapon_offset_x 3; cl_weapon_offset_y -1.5 bind game 3 weapon 3; cl_weapon_offset_z -4; cl_weapon_offset_x 3; cl_weapon_offset_y -2 bind game 4 weapon 4; cl_weapon_offset_z -1.5; cl_weapon_offset_x 4; cl_weapon_offset_y -1.5 bind game 5 weapon 5; cl_weapon_offset_z -0.5; cl_weapon_offset_x 4; cl_weapon_offset_y -1.5 bind game 6 weapon 6; cl_weapon_offset_z -0; cl_weapon_offset_x 4; cl_weapon_offset_y -1 bind game 7 weapon 7; cl_weapon_offset_z -1.5; cl_weapon_offset_x 4; cl_weapon_offset_y -1.5 bind game 8 weapon 8; cl_weapon_offset_z -4; cl_weapon_offset_x 4; cl_weapon_offset_y -2
  5. bossu

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    I started working on this several months ago then stopped, getting back in to Reflex now though
  6. bossu

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    ‚ÄčI think the design suits the weapon, kinda reminds me of the Flak cannon from UT.
  7. bossu

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    I'm glad you decided to take another direction with the art, makes a lot more sense for this game - can't wait to see the new weapons in game! The Boltgun is maybe the only design I don't care for, too many parts and not as elegant as the others.
  8. bossu

    New weapon concepts!

    I have never been a fan of this particular style (steampunk-ish), I'm glad you're trying something other than sci-fi but I don't think this is for me. I'm still interested in seeing them ingame though.
  9. bossu

    [dp4] abandoned shelter

    This is a really cool map, one of my favorites in Reflex so far. Some thoughts: - I'm not sure about the scale of the two primary arenas, they feel just a tad bit too large for me. - It would be nice with a faster way to get up through the GA area.
  10. bossu

    Daffy DM X

    Another update, playing around with some areas, testing (rev 5) - Opened up the back area a bit. - Moved items around. - Removed the walkway above RA, turned it in to a platform.
  11. bossu

    Daffy DM X

    I have some ideas about that area, removing the tele and making a set of stairs that wrap around to the upper level etc. In the earlier versions that area was even more of a corridor heh (see screenshot). Thanks for the feedback.
  12. bossu

    Daffy DM X

    Quick update (rev 4): - Made Arena tele to GL room one-way.
  13. bossu

    Daffy DM X

    Made some rather large changes to the map (revision 3): - Removed YA room, there is a jumppad to MH instead. Tele exit from main arena goes to GL room. - Carved out another walkway and connected the two upper areas. - Moved around most of the weapons. - Worldspawn cleanup. - Changed some visuals. I would love it if some duellers tried it out now.
  14. bossu

    Daffy DM X

    I have updated the map a bit; - Cleaned up worldspawn. - No-lighted stuff. - Changed the item layout, it should work in 1v1 now. - Tweaked the teleporters.
  15. bossu

    Daffy DM X

    Update: Revision 5, 2015-02-01 I've never made a map for a game before but the tools in this looked very simple and intuitive so I decided to try it out, here is the result. I didn't really have a plan so it's a bit disjointed but it should work fairly well for 1v1 and 4 player FFA. Lots of people joined my server very early on, thanks to everybody who provided feedback or otherwise just jumped around and killed each other. Hope you enjoy it. Screenshots (very outdated): https://imgur.com/a/7lCez daffydmx-r5.map