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  1. Tropic

    sub folders?

    good point
  2. Tropic

    sub folders?

    To organize the forums a bit more I think it may be a good idea to add different folders under early access chatter, like suggestions, lfg, guides, etc. This way players will be able to quickly find topics that they are interested in instead of having to look through all the other posts
  3. Tropic


    gonna add footsteps?
  4. Tropic

    What is the point of own engine?

    no royalties with your own engine
  5. Tropic

    Official Weapon Thread.

    I'm saying that if you are strafing left or right or turning your character when you click/shoot the projectiles are shot from a slightly earlier position than from the position your are at when you click So if i'm looking forward and not messing with my mouse and i move to the right and shoot the projectiles will shoot from a position slightly to the left of where i was when i was shooting... if you still don't understand what i mean you can get on quake live start move to the right without moving your mouse and shoot the rail gun (you will see that the projectile goes directly out of the gun) get on reflex do the same thing with the burst gun you will see that the project start shooting off to the left of your gun (will hit where you were previously aiming instead of where you were aiming when you click the mouse button)
  6. Tropic

    Official Weapon Thread.

    not sure if this has been brought up before or not, but it seems like while moving or turning you're shots go where you were aiming and not where you're currently aiming... Was this done on purpose? Will it be fixed?
  7. Tropic

    GTX 770?

    The devs recommend that players have a GTX 770 or better? Is this just because the game isn't fully optimized or what? I think that requiring people to have a GTX 770 or better will limit the player base big time.
  8. Tropic

    Can i play the game with this...?

    pretty sure you can
  9. Tropic

    Early Access FAQ

    I think a shirt, a hoodie, or a mouse pad would be cool
  10. Tropic

    Need to know how to map? Click here now!

    Shouldn't the file be an html?
  11. Tropic

    Early Access FAQ

    I saw you guys mention the possibility of some reflex merchandise... any info on that?
  12. For the stage in development that reflex is in right now the gameplay is solid but the extra menus and options are non existent or have to be typed out in the console... If I could choose two things to bump up to the top of the to do list it would be a practice mode with AI and an option to see hitmarkers/the damage you do to the enemies... The reason why I want hit markers is because I find it difficult to know when a shot hits and when it doesn't. T he reason why I want a practice mode with AI is so that I can train and polish my skills without having to have other players to play with. What do you guys think about the game so far? What would you change about it or add to it? <random side note> the default radiation weapon seems to be very weak, not sure if its just me missing shots or if the damage is super low...