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  1. Happened to me once with RA on cpm22a so far.
  2. WTF

    [BETA] wtf_tourney1 - A Dark Place

    A thing I get a lot when people first see the map is "it's big, maybe it is more suited for 2vs2 tdm" so I now ask you guys to test it out in either duel or 2vs2 tdm and tell me what you like more. Map is on the octalzeroes server as well as on the FPSports ones (though it isn't votable right now for some reason, maybe after server restart).
  3. WTF

    Is relfex built on source engine?

    Deox_ there is still nothing wrong with arguing and insulting people until you are proven wrong 100%
  4. WTF

    Is relfex built on source engine?

    Thank got there are still people left who are able to actually admit their mistakes and not only Jamerios running around.
  5. WTF

    Map organization

    We won't see workshop for months if not even years me thinks. A decent site could still be of use right now.
  6. WTF

    [BETA] wtf_tourney1 - A Dark Place

    Though it is not intended as FFA material initially . Still thanks a lot for the praise .
  7. Is it a bad thing to be associated with one of the most well known game of the late 90's and early 2000's?
  8. WTF

    [logged] Bug that has been in all Quakes since qtest

    That's because German keyboard has the circumflex on that key and not the tilde. Not a bug, just console being put on tilde because the key is far away from other frequently used keys.
  9. As you wish: Ranking Europe List: 1. R1zl4 2. ZeNity 3. snapcase Link Ranking America List: 1. entik 2. xero 3. Remzi Link I would like to use this opportunity to thank everybody who showed interest in this, be it playing, watching or streaming the whole thing. This was merely a first test run for me to see how things would work out, and while there were some problems here and there I am still quite happy with the turnout for this event. I will definitely host more of these things in the future and yes the America event will be redone this weekend, albeit I am not sure if it will be KotH again or an actual tournament.
  10. NEWBORN: What about the materials in "editor/textures" like "nolight" and "playerclip"? I utilized those two heavily in my map to upgrade performance and it would suck hard if they were removed.
  11. WTF

    Lighting gun (weapon7) range

    I think your cpm3 examples are pretty much intentional since I can remember that you only hit people a the YA from RG area when standing next to the ledge in CPMA too.
  12. WTF


    I think announcers are an extremely valuable asset to the game especially with the way modern FPS and other popular games treat ingame-achievements and announcements (COD noob-bitches love dem killstreaks!). Also different announcers (like Dota 2 has them) would definitely be a great means of getting revenue for the game and also would increase the chances for casuals to stick with the game. Now before anybody starts whining about "They add too much clutter to the game and make it less competitive, yada yada!!!1111", that's total bullshit you are spewing there, people who don't want to have them can just turn them off or down. This also wouldn't mean that nobody will buy them. In Dota 2 you primarily buy the announcers for yourself, other players only have the option to enable a specific announcer if somebody in the current match has it enabled. Now here are what announcer sounds I personally would like to have in the game: General: - Get Ready to Fight - Fight (match/round start and time-in) - Five, four, three, two, one (countdown for game/round start, time-in and last five seconds of a match) - Time-Out/Time-In - Ten/five/one minute(s) remain(s) (ten minutes only in game-types with 20 minute matches) - Player X/X Team Victory (after the match has ended) - Overtime Kill(streaks): - Double Kill/Excellent - Triple Kill - Multi-Kill/Quadra Kill - Monster Kill/Penta Kill - Full Team Wipe (for CA and other round based modes only) - Combo Kill (LG-->RL, RL-->RG, LG--RG, PG-->RG) Weapon Usage: - Accuracy/Impressive (2 LG shots back2back, or maybe even 3) - Catch (2 direct Grenade hits in a row) - Hatchet to the Mellon (melee kill, I know very specific to the default skin) Items: - Red Armor Control (secure 2/3 RAs in a row - Mega Health Control (secure 2/3 MHs in a row) - Pacman (get both RA and MH one after another in less than 25 seconds) - Item snatcher (grab RA/MH/YA while enemy player is less than 100 units away from it) - Quad Damage/Invincibility/Invisibility/etc. EDIT On the same page I would also like to have characters with more than just the usual, jump/fall/damage sounds. They need additional voice-overs for certain actions (obviously you need an option to select between the minimal sound queues and the advanced ones) like "Ahhh, health I needed that!" when picking up bubbles while characters HP are lower than 100, or "I can feel the POWER!" when picking up Quad Damage, or "I come to live again" when respawning.
  13. Will enter with my current mapping project. It's a design that I have drawn up for another Arena FPS but never actually got past the block out stage with so I shouldn't be breaking the new map rule here. Good luck to everyone participating!