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  1. Orathania

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Thats actually one of the default fonts in the fonts directory. It's called "Volter__28Goldfish_29" there.
  2. Orathania

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Built this one for personal usage. Let me know how much you hate it.
  3. Orathania

    0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

    Loving the UI and the HUD so far. Option for horizontal weaponbar would be lovely to see though. Any plans adding that in the near future?
  4. Orathania

    0.31.2 - Looks better, runs faster.

    Getting a solid 1200 FPS in the editor with the lowest settings on bdm3 @ 800x600 with my already old machine that has i5 3450 and 560 Ti on it. Very impressed!
  5. Orathania

    0.30.4 - FPS locks at 46

    Hmm, I don't know what was the cause for this behaviour but now my game magically runs at 120 FPS again The end of the thread.
  6. Orathania

    0.30.4 - FPS locks at 46

    Yeah, I have r_vsync at 0 and vsync disabled through Nvidia controlpanel. My drivers are also up-to-date and I tried reinstalling the game and rebooting few times; didn't help.
  7. Orathania

    0.30.4 - FPS locks at 46

    No matter what com_maxfps value I use, I can't seem to get a FPS value higher than 46 in the game. In build 28 I was still able to get a solid 120 FPS (300+ with com_maxfps 0). I haven't changed my config at all from the last time, my com_maxfps is still at 120 and vsync is disabled in-game so I have no clue why my FPS remains that low. Any ideas?
  8. Orathania

    0.28.x - More light, less crash.

    Totally didn't expect the lightmap issues getting fixed that fast, this is great! Looking forward to mess around more with the map editor now.
  9. Orathania

    Devils Mapping Tips

    This is some useful information. Thanks for sharing!