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  1. Vod3tti

    Build #28 - Now with 13% more stuff.

    Thanks for this !
  2. Vod3tti

    Build 28 - Input feedback

    i5-2450 2,50 Ghz, Radeon 7610M Much more lag than before. Can't play at all
  3. Vod3tti

    [known ]Crash report every time I close Reflex

    Same problem here, but when i try to disconnect from server. Very annoying, because i must open the whole game again if i want to play in another server. Hope there's fix for that Thanks!
  4. Vod3tti

    ATI - cards & driver version please

    Radeon 7610M Driver Packaging Version 14.10.1006-140417a-171098C Catalyst Version 1.14 Direct3D-version OpenGL-versio
  5. Vod3tti

    GeForce GTX 770 or 970

    Nice to see that there's some discussion about this GPU. My new pc will include GTX 970 too. I can recommend that card for you.
  6. Vod3tti

    Reflex Movement Overview for New Players

    Thanks for the video! There's good techniques and couple of new ones
  7. Vod3tti

    [known] Game will not start

    Of course i can and i will try that today if my game doesn't work properly. Yesterday it worked almost hour fine as hell
  8. Vod3tti

    [known] Game will not start

    Okay, i will wait Finally game started (maybe after i fixed some configs), but couple of minutes later it crash again. But still i'm so excited about this game!
  9. Vod3tti

    [known] Game will not start

    I have the almost same problem here. What i got is black screen and sounds. I cant do anything. Any tips how i can fix that? I verified all of my files too... i5-2450 2,50 Ghz 8 GB RAM Radeon HD 7610M 2GB Win 7 64-bit Thanks!