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  1. Stormcrow

    Hells Gate [q3tourney3]

    Just ignore the "don't recreate maps" circlejerk. Of course the game should have its own maps, but there's been nothing to indicate that remaking maps people enjoy somehow prevents people from making original maps.
  2. Stormcrow

    OsSpec -Spectator Hud/Mini Scoreboard

    > tab space 8 > "huge" indentation Heretic.
  3. Stormcrow

    New weapon concepts!

    He died in 1931... Seriously, just stop. You're not doing pedantry correctly.
  4. Stormcrow

    New weapon concepts!

    To the people who don't like the art direction because of concerns about realism and strafe/circle jumping: Throw a jetpack on the character models and call it a day. An eyeball on legs was cool with these people, but a human circle jumping cross the line. You get this one for free, devs!
  5. Stormcrow

    New weapon concepts!

    Big big downvote if it's Steampunk. That fad cooked around for a good ten years before it finally bubbled up, and I think it was a flash in the pan that people wanted to be good more than it was good. I feel like with all the zombie-centric post-apocalyptic crap going around, the next big hotness will be post-post-apocalyptic. We had all that but the cannibals and shit are gone and now we're rebuilding. Kind of a new Manifest Destiny feeling that lends itself really well to a setting like "Future Wild West" or something. Giant stompy robots fighting in combat arenas for the pleasure and gambling of the masses or something. Like a future setting with appropriate technology and culture, but the level of societal development is lowered. Mad Max-ish.
  6. Stormcrow

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    That's pretty amazing guys, great work.
  7. Stormcrow

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    Can we get separate triggers for start and end? Sometimes I'll screw up the start of a run and hit another hp bubble and it ends me instead of starting me over. Maybe make mega the end run and the 5hp the beginning now that you've removed the need to ready?
  8. Stormcrow

    Lua Wishlist

    I never made any claims about how much or how little maintenance sqlite requires. I don't need game scripts to aggregate and upload stats for me. There are decades worth of tools that do that job much better than someone reinventing the wheel in embedded lua. They'd be dodgy game scripts in the sense that even a really well-built Hackintosh is a dodgy Mac. A hammer is a great tool, but you don't drive screws with it.
  9. Stormcrow

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    It's not; this is awesome. One guy being wrong about the name doesn't make it a hot topic.
  10. Stormcrow

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    rcon isn't a shell. This isn't rcon or a shell. Edit: My original was unnecessarily bitchy, but your post came across a bit twee for being wrong.
  11. Stormcrow

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    The PHGP team pretty much just single-handedly helped the devs move this feature to the bottom of their todo list though. This is pretty great. It doesn't do server-side stuff like leaderboards, but it's good enough to get raceflex competitions started.
  12. Stormcrow

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    This is like a proof of concept for how amazing the new UI system is. Fantastic work guys; can't wait to get home later and try this out.
  13. Stormcrow

    Lua Wishlist

    Assuming you can use luasql with sqlite to put these stats in a database, there are a thousand better ways to do everything else than having the game server itself handle sending data or interacting with the filesystem. It also lets server admins be server admins and not deal with dodgy game scripts that are going to interact with their filesystem. I like the idea of an event-driven server-side lua system though.
  14. Stormcrow

    Lua Wishlist

    I'd let people make a pitch at least for what application they have in mind that this would be useful for and balance it against the easily-minimized security concerns. This sounds like server-side stuff where they want to store stats in a SQLite database or something and then use luasocket to upload them elsewhere, in which case they're doing it wrong. They've missed the point someone made above that lua is currently for the UI system, and the UI doesn't need any of this access, and discussion of server-side lua is a separate thing. I'm all for a server implementation of lua scripting though so that server admins can make automation scripts for their servers.
  15. Stormcrow

    Amari_HUD release!

    Lua runs very lean. It's nearly as fast as native code. Really it's the perfect embedded language. A few dozen, or probably even hundred, HUD files isn't going to make a difference.