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  1. Seriously guys, you should buy glasses. It's just so easy to see the outlined skins (yeah, I'm not from quake, it helps).
  2. dovahk1n

    Fall Damage

    What about a temporary damage ? Once you fall you'll have a temporary damage and after 3/4 sec for example, it's regenerating.
  3. I deleted the local files and reinstall Reflex, now it works.
  4. Hello guys, I can't open Reflex anymore on steam, I haven't done anything, I was in build 29.2 which was working fine and when I tried to launch it yesterday, it gave me this : I sent the report. Cheers
  5. I tried for both builds but it didnt work. Thanks anyway.
  6. If I made a report here its because I wanted to know if there were a quick fix because it seems I'm the only one who's not able to open Reflex anymore. I sent the crash report but it's useless to me because you don't have any answer, and I think if you had the same problem you would had post something here. So your post is a bit pointless
  7. dovahk1n

    Add ammo boxes to maps asap! :)

    I like the fact that there are no ammo boxes. It feels less spammy like this, and it requires to think about your ammos (to not waste it) and weapons respawns (if you can't prevent the opponent to take a weapon, then you can try to time this weapon to prevent him to have extra ammos, it's a great strategy for example for rail against rail whores ^^). It also prevent players from camping in a spot all the map, and even if you have the control with a position you'll have to get ammos by leaving this position.
  8. dovahk1n


    We need different stuff from other Arena FPS to make this game unique. So definetly, we need different announcers, maybe different sounds for weapons and maybe different music sounds (if some guys care about music in menu, while loading map, while winning a map/round, idk). And I don't like the idea to have this stuff for free (available to be downloaded everywhere) and neither to be a dlc (it's not fair). But a proper balance between these ideas can be like something like CS:GO : every game, some cosmetics are dropped to some players, you can unlock it while using a key (around 2$), or sell it in order to earn enough money to buy a key. These cosmetics can be sounds, and for example if you sell enough skins you'll be able to buy a soundpack box (around 0.10$) and a key to unlock it. There will be a maximum of drops per player per day (2/3 maybe), and it will force player to play the game. If you don't want to pay for sounds, then you'll have to play and play and play to earn enough money freely to buy this sounds, otherwise you can directly buy these sounds with you own money. It seems quite balanced to me (and with this system, players can use othe money they earn freely from the game to buy other games on steam, which is something that will increase a lot the playerbase.
  9. dovahk1n

    Custom Gametype Integration

    I agree, I'm coming from ShootMania, and the small community has been split because of the ability to create your own gamemode very easily in-game. We need 4/5 official gamemodes first, and to have a new gamemode will be great for Reflex (something which has never been done yet). And then, if Reflex has a huge playerbase, it will be great to have custom gamemodes made by the community. And what about a contest to find our official gamemodes, ppl will compete with their own gamemode (I mean on the paper) and it has to be something new. The 1/2 best gamemode ideas will be included in the game as official gamemodes
  10. dovahk1n

    shddm1 - A fast-paced advanced duel map

    I can assure it to you, for ppl coming from games which aren't Arena Fps, this jump isn't that easy. And I don't see why people with less movement skills should be penalized with a jump like that to take items (Straight line isnt working completly, you have to move you mouse in a little circle movement to increase your speed while in the air). Moreover, you should be able to get MH from 2 different spots, the teleporter jump/circle jump is from the same spot.
  11. dovahk1n

    shddm1 - A fast-paced advanced duel map

    This double jump is not that easy. You can do it like 6/10 or 7/10 times ?
  12. dovahk1n

    Instagib game mode, and more options.

    Lol wtf, what you quoted was exactly what I was talking about. You're weird :/
  13. dovahk1n

    Instagib game mode, and more options.

    Lol, it's nice to see that u read only 10% of my sentences. I said in every game I played it was a Railgun for Instagib, it doesnt mean it was for all games. But I've never seen an instagib mode in a game with no hitscan weapons. And I never said it will not be Instagib anymore just because we need to change the name, I just said that most of the ppl who are going to play this game will expect from Instagib mode a hitscan weapon. I think the best is to do a pool, but I'm 100% sure people will select RG as the official weapon for Instagib.
  14. dovahk1n

    shddm1 - A fast-paced advanced duel map

    I've tested the map offline, and yeah, mega is quite hard to reach and the advanced movement to reach it isnt really the problem, the problem is that it breaks the flow to do that movement. Also, I'm not a fan of the "double boxes to double jump", you should remove most of them and try to make better blocks to double jump on.
  15. dovahk1n

    Instagib game mode, and more options.

    Yes but every instagib I played in games were all with RailGun. I think you need to have another name for another weapon. Or at least something like "Instagib - Stake gun Only". There is a good reason why it is mostly hitscan weapons for Instagib, you have to perfectly on the guy to instant kill him. It feels a bit random to have an instagib with projectile weapons (I'll waste more shot with a stake gun for example, trying to shoot everywhere, than with a Railgun, trying to aim perfectly the guy before shooting). And I know Instagib is a way to train our aim, especially to train the aim with the laser, which is very important in every gamemode of ArenaFps imo. It will be a bit useless to train stakegun, a weapon used on 10/15% of all maps I've seen. I know about the "have fun" fact, but the official Instagib mode should be with Railgun in my opinion, and other weapons just for fun on few servers.
  16. dovahk1n

    Custom Crosshairs

    Here are different xhairs for ShootMania, but the format is the same as in reflex (.dds), so I guess it can work : http://lesimoon.free.fr/ShootMania/Crosshairs/ I don't really know how to integrate them in your Reflex xhair folder, but maybe this thread can help : If you have different xhair for different weapons (rail/rockets/nuc), it will be like this in the .zip : laser.dds/rocket.dds/nuc.dds (if there is only a single preview, then all these files will be the same so you can choose which one you want). I also suggest you to check the derzone packs, because there are 9 xhair in each of these packs.
  17. dovahk1n

    Custom Crosshairs

    Here are my different crosshairs : If someone is interested, I'll upload the hud_crosshair file here.
  18. dovahk1n

    Instagib game mode, and more options.

    For me, Instagib is only for hitscan weapons, especially the rail gun. So I quite agree
  19. The problem seems to be when I open the file, it makes the quality of the current crosshairs really bad because of the size of the pixels (I'm talking about crosshairs like circles). Anyway, I managed to make them a bit better when I outlined them with black.
  20. What are the settings to save ? Because I wanted to change only crosshair 1 (I'm using it for RG) and once I modified it and saved it, in-game all other crosshairs seemed in bad quality (few pixels missing for example)
  21. dovahk1n

    cpm22b - A touchup

    I need this crosshair ! It looks to be in great quality, not like mine when I changed it Did you change something when you saved it ? In the settings I mean.
  22. dovahk1n

    [dp1] [dp1a] prodigy - advanced duel map

    Great map, which permits to have a really fast gameplay thanks to the movement flow. Imo, it will be great to make the double jump to get the green shields next to YA and rail easier (it feels really random right now due to the block implemented which looks like a fireplace) and maybe to have a bloc to double jump instead of the two green HPs next to the GL, where there is the lava (if both players are fighting in this place, and one of them take the teleporter then MH, it will be great for the other player to double jump easily to get out of this place. What do you think about that ;D
  23. Every time I quit Reflex, while game is closing I have a report notification that informs me the game has crashed, and it asks me to send a report or not. Not a major problem (I can play Reflex, it's just when I quit it), it's just a bit annoying. Win7 64, GTX560M, i7