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  1. Komier

    How could I setup a game in China?

    25787 is the port to forward. If they type in the console (open with ~) connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:25787 (xxx are whatever ip you have), they should be able to join. Anything more complicated than that, and someone else will have to come answer. There's a discord you can get a faster response in: https://discord.gg/mNhVydr
  2. Komier

    Improving the handicap mutator

    Nexuiz had a console variable to set handicap, where the higher it went, the less damage you did and the more damage you took. It made a difference at very high values; you play against a newbie and have to think because any hit would nearly kill.
  3. Wallhack all the armours for every player whenever the armour is up in casual mode. Make them emit an ambient sound that gets louder when you're closer to it. Dunno what to do, I've been picking up health/armour for so long it seems odd to me that people don't walk around maps vacuuming everything.
  4. Komier

    Traveler 2

    I'm not suggesting you add it, my friend and I duel a dozen times, then get bored of rail and play with stake. I like the map with the weapons where they are, we were just experimenting since we added a stake anyway. The main reason we put IC up there is that there are 7 or so jumps to that platform, but all it had was a plasma.
  5. Komier

    Traveler 2

    Map is great, friend and I dueled on it a few times, though he hates space maps. Ended up swapping plasma with ic, and adding stakegun near the jump pad room (since it looked bare and we just wanted to play with stake). That was a little more fun, getting airshot going for the ic though the strong weapon near the mega and red was a problem. Maybe swap mega with the shotgun yellow armor? We didn't mess around with those placements. It didn't play poorly in either configuration anyway.
  6. Komier

    Thoughts on current stake gun

    Stake is the reason I purchased the game. I was disheartened when they removed it, and ecstatic when they brought it back.
  7. Komier


    Slobo said to put this here.
  8. Komier

    B&D mode

    I believe a capture point mode could work very well in Reflex. If you're designing a map for it, have it symmetric from the middle to the bases, but design each point as it's own area so you would have a tdm style match near each point while each team attempts a capture. Controlling the areas and items would seem to be as required as normal game modes, but you'd have the benefit of a focus point. The focus point may make the spectator aspect more enjoyable, and the tdm aspect keeps the game fun and high skill.
  9. Komier

    Ideas For Unique Game Modes? (Brainstorming)

    In line with the speed of movement: 3v3 symmetrical maps. 3 "doorways" per side. An enemy entering your doorway would trigger a point for them and cause the doorway to close for 10 or so seconds. A guy uncontested in your base could rack up 3 points fairly quickly. Call it doorway or something I dunno.
  10. Komier

    Will the item timers stay?

    I liked the timers... If we're removing them by votes, can you make the official hud clockless? That would be fun, never know when the match will end or anything.
  11. Komier

    Footstep bug + shooting through walls bug

    Here's a replay of the shooting through walls bug. Didn't know if you still wanted it. cpm1_15Nov2014_0125_0markers.rep
  12. I have a one way teleporter on my map, and if you stake where they appear at, they're stuck there until the stake despawns; like spawning inside a wall.