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  1. pls Control Shift isnt too bad
  2. Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    Keep in mind that you actually need 7 Gold weapons.
  3. [0.48.2] Extremely low framerate

    best fix
  4. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Also something with a really oversized visor, kind of like these helmets
  5. Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    This is true, in other games when hitting the "quick play" button you usually get tossed in an ongoing game and only queue for ranked competetive.
  6. Reflex 0.47.1

  7. Constant stutters during gameplay

    yeah some versions of reflexrun kills performance
  8. New Custom Emojis for Reflex Discord

    a start would be lots of stuff you find in internal.pak\internal\ui\icons
  9. New Custom Emojis for Reflex Discord

    I found some really cool logos on this site here https://www.reflexarena.com/about/press-kit/
  10. Detailtextures

    When they first introduced textures they looked really mediocre and reminded me a lot of old Half-Life 2.
  11. Quick Response

  12. request (not a bug) - re_export filename convention

    Never had problems with the order, Virtual Dub always did it correct. Nonetheless a good thing to have.
  13. Analog Clock

    Suspicious things happening in the interwebs, anyway here is a repost of my Analog Clock widget. Installation: Put where you usually put your widgets for exapmple in /base/internal/ui/widgets https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Nko3H9Bum2aUpaaDFfTE5mTzQ/view?usp=sharing The timer hands just show a static +25s and +30s offset. Shows your current time while in warm-up. Supports Multiple Clock modes (2 at the moment) 0. Shows a standard game-clock in analog format. 1. Streches one revolution of the minute hand to GameTimeLimit, seconds stay the same. 2. ...? pls look in the .lua for more customisations until I stop hating making option menus. (also tell me how to fix that stupid scrolling bug )

    I did something like that just presented in a different way.
  15. Literally unplayable
  16. old weapon models

    The blockouts? Seriously?
  17. People seem to be fine with inheritance in Tribes
  18. My Hud Stuff

    So here is my Lua stuff, I am quite happy with the functionality but not really with the looks. Sadly I am apparently unable to design anything worth looking at, maybe someone can help me with that. put in base/internal/ui Some preview: I use the trueStack value for combined Health + Armor. Some color code in there: Red for boltable, yellow for rocketable, and blue for everythings fine. To make up for the exact armor values it displays the amount of amor you need to loose to pickup an item. The analog clock has a Streched mode with streches one revolution to the timelimit, and static (dumb) timer hands. http://imgur.com/a/l21rG nglfHud.pak 5KB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Nko3H9Bum2WTFRbmR4ekcyM0k/view?usp=sharing The Analog clock is extra Clock is now maintained here well...here: does not include crosshairs, scores, race stuff, ease of use.
  19. Reflex 0.45.0

    just make some up, its called experimental for a reason!
  20. Blood, gore and darkness

    I dont really know which game you play but reflex is already quite bloody or oily in that case. There are cases in which you stand in the oily rain of you enemys gibs. Gibs can get bugged in a wall and you get oil rain for a few minutes.
  21. Subscribed maps not available offline?

    The subscribe function downloads the maps to Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\328070\<workshopid> With the ingame browser you can only see maps in Reflex\maps. a temporary fix would be to just copy them there but you get a bunch of maps with weird numbers for names...kind of like it was before the workshop update
  22. Reflex Demos from Community Servers

    Read the recording replays section ( ignore that not recommended /broken stuff)