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  1. prez

    The Campgrounds [pro-q3dm6]-ReMake

    Why is the bridge so thin? Allowing floor damage there is a downside in my opinion. How is one supposed to maintain that position with a player who knows what they're doing when they're beneath you. I say make the bridge thicker.
  2. prez

    thcdm4 - Acidic Nature

    Your maps look very clean, can't wait to see more maps from you.
  3. prez


  4. prez

    CONTRABAND - new duel map

    I dont even wanna know the amount of time put into this was. Looks very well done. Can't wait to test it out with some friends.
  5. prez


    Update extended the long hall on the 3rd floor in width. Much easier to move. Still Compact. Also updated some lighting.
  6. prez


    He took it down for updates
  7. prez


    After looking at the map myself and telling my opinions about the locations of certain things. I'm looking forward to seeing it after its updated. Can't wait to play it
  8. prez


    Here's the dropbox for you guys https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsgvja4b15p0hdm/cheesin_dm1_rescale2.rar?dl=0 And some screenshots! I really appreciate feeback. And i can't forget to thank Shpuld for making the map scaling script, It's a huge time saver. You can find it here
  9. prez

    Build #28 - Now with 13% more stuff.

    I'd like to know why my map wasn't included. i posted before the cut-off post. and According to my friends.my map Bowlcut_dm1 is not in the map folders after they updated. please fix <3 thanks.
  10. prez


    Haha! @moon Check out this http://imgur.com/4bUzphT added a portal that goes near yellow, replaced the double jump to red with a jump pad for easier access for the scrubs who camp double jump
  11. prez

    Nightwatch, small, 2v2 or duel.

    Well then, why you gotta shut down what i said? What crawled up your ass and died. Or did you even read what i said. Keep the original, and make a rescale. Fuck you for thinking your opinion is better than mine. you fucking prick.
  12. prez

    Nightwatch, small, 2v2 or duel.

    Nice map. I Like the concept alot. Seems kinda large tho. "I like smaller maps" You should really look into the map Re-Scaling script. As I could see my self enjoy this a bit more at 3/4th's of the scale. You don't have to remake it. It rescales it for you. But you might have to raise some roofs a bit. You could just include both sizes. the original and a smaller one Overall it looks awesome keep it up. heres a link to the map scaling script :