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  1. Adapter problem

  2. 0.39

    How disable this?
  3. 0.39

    after patch the graph is changed? Now I see everything blurry
  4. There is an alternative? I would like to understand how autorec and see my list demo
  5. Why i dont have replays on my folder?
  6. Adapter problem

    After update have this problem http://i.imgur.com/cPJLGPF.jpg?1
  7. Adapter problem

    HI, I have this problem, at the patch 0.31 had 250 fps Now with this patch have low fps, then I ask if possible to change adapter? and select AMD I have 2 gpu1)AMD radeon HD 8750m2)Intel HD graphics family http://i.imgur.com/iACCwy4.jpg?1how set Amd for reflex?