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  1. raasklaat

    Aerowalk v2.01

    Awesome! Thank you, sir!
  2. raasklaat

    Aerowalk v2.01

    Carnage is still missing. Is there a reason you dont want people playing FFA nor 2v2 in this map?
  3. raasklaat

    Aerowalk v2.01

    Well done, but carnage is missing, as it is from all Aerowalk remakes ive seen in Reflex. Pls fix.
  4. IMO it kinda is, since thats the biggest reason keeping me from playing the game. Maybe im too used to bskins or becoming blind, but i cant see the current skins well enuff to not find aiming at them annoying. Somehow i suspect im not the only one.
  5. This. That audience knows how bskins affect fastpaced aFPS games and notice how annoying it is to play fast paced aFPS game when you cant see the enemy properly. IMO thats one of the biggest oversights from the devs currently ingame. Yes, i understand its hard to sell skins to casuals if theres bskins, but then again will that audience care more about acuiring more and more skins or ability to actually see the enemy properly and will there even be any casuals? I did it and mentioned the forbidden word. Please feel free to express your hate, im wearing flameproof vest.
  6. raasklaat

    No fun FFA servers

    Duel maps are fine for FFA with lots of players. In QW its common to see Aerowalk being played with 12+ players. Yes, its possible to play also bigger maps in FFA but theres no reason to shy away from playing duelmaps too. IMO in Reflex FFA theres only two problems: 1) most maps dont have carnage! even the maps which orginally have one, somehow are all missing it. i wish it wasn't so. this combined with weaker guns than QW crowdcontrol becomes even harder 2) weaponstay + ammo pickups! At least the first point should be quite easily fixable. Please consider adding carnage to all maps for FFA and TDM.
  7. raasklaat

    some ideas for ctf improvement

    ‚Äč This sounds like the exact problem this bastard clone of CPM had, which shall remain nameless: the combination of weak weapons and fast movement makes CTF one-man-show, where the capper(s) are running the show and the rest of the players are pretty much watching helplessly. In that game multiple gimmicks were tried to combat this: First they tried a 10sec timer which would start after picking up the enemy flag. After the timer experied the flag would teleport back to its stand unless a teammate was standing at the enemy flagstand. Problem with this was the fact that most of the players with good movement would still cap during the 10sec, because maps were too small. Second thing they tried was a "pickup & cap timer" which there was a few second timer every time you tried to pickup enemy flag, or capture it. Problem with this was the fact that flagstands could be blindly spammed from spots where attacker(s) couldnt do anything about it. I dont know if anything else was ever tried there, since i stopped playing that shit. What i always suggested was: buff the weak ass guns and make the maps by far longer (meaning the time from flag to flag) and add a teleport from base to mid, which cant be used by EFC. Now, maybe im completely wrong and this isnt the same problem, nor it could be helped with what i suggested. I wouldnt know since my experience of Reflex CTF is limited to two games. Only thing i figured during those two games was the fact that: i cant see the skins properly. Edit: also part of the problem was 4on4 IMO. If the game was played 5on5, it would allow 2 def 1 mid strategies, which couldve helped with this. Or maybe it wouldve just had more players flying back and forth with 1200ups speeds.
  8. raasklaat

    Rocket needs nerf and shotgun buff.

    Trying QW might give you a somekind of perspective how proper RL affects the gameplay, if nothing else. Therefore i encourage everyone to try it: http://nquake.com/
  9. raasklaat

    Rocket needs nerf and shotgun buff.

    Rocket doesn't need nerf, neither does shotgun. If anything RL needs buff after fixing the knockback and so does LG. Screw the omg-noobtube-generation who seems to think otherwise. While searching "rocket" i found these topics:
  10. raasklaat


    This is 4th version of Aerowalk in my map directory and none of em has quad, despite the fact that original has it. Mappers: please include quad in your maps. IMO its very important for FFA and TDM.
  11. raasklaat

    One flag CTF

    I would actually prefer CTFS. Advantage with this gametype you are suggesting would be the fact that you dont have to wait for end of the round when you die, which some people find very annoying. Then again normal CTF is better for competitive play and these are more like fun modes for pubs IMO.
  12. raasklaat

    ATDM maps

    Your version of 6+++ is the best map for CA ive ever played in any game. Well done.
  13. raasklaat

    Rockets are Overpowered

    In arena modes there actually IS bigger maps, where you can actually see just that: people sitting back and railwhoring. Yes, obviously everything comes down to a personal preference in the end. The reason i posted in the first place, was to give another perspective to the "omg noobtubes" -nonsense, which seems to be the only point of view these days, even tho ive seen multiple times this exact discussion leading to nothing but grief and hatred. I just wish there would some day be another fps-game, which would feel even close to the hectic, brutal mayhem QW offers.
  14. raasklaat

    Rockets are Overpowered

    Im not sure i understand your point. Do you think aiming with projectile weapons requires somehow less aim, than aiming with rail? Cus thats simply isnt the case. In fact, i think its by far easier to use rail effectively than any projectile weapon. This is universal for all arenashooters with proper netcode (and slightly less obvious for games with bad netcode, like UT series, but still true assuming you are playing with more or less playable ping.)
  15. raasklaat

    Rockets are Overpowered

    I agree. It needs more projectile speed, splashradius and damage. After QW everything feels so weak, specially RL and shaft. Well, except rail. Hitscan weapon with unlimited range and insane damage feels stupidly overpowered compared to weak projectiles. This combined with the fact that you are always moving more or less predictable manner assuming you want to move fast, ultimately promotes slower and boring gameplay IMO. According to some people, this was the fundamental flaw which killed CTF in Q3, but i wouldnt know about that. What i do know is 80 damage is enuff to make abusing rail way too tempting, since i found even myself doing it and i hate myself for it. My 2 cents are rolling up the hill.