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  1. Sab0o

    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition

    My entries are: Faraway: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660520243 This map is designed to be able to be played a bit slower and sneakier, it also highlights the need for better water movement physics in Reflex. Wheresoever: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660520239 This map is my attempt at going full Re- flex.
  2. Sab0o

    Most urgent fixes, IMO

    Positional Sound It's incredibly difficult to tell where enemies are using sound, even if you stand still and focus on trying to do so. The sound issue is the biggest one in the game in my opinion, reducing emphasis on intelligent positional play, because you often can't tell where your opponent is coming from until you see him. CSGO has lots of sound customization commands, this may be useful as a reference. I don't want want cvars to change the sound in Reflex though. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/3zqtvm/improved_csgo_sound_why_the_popular_settings_suck/ !!!!!!!!EDIT!!!!!!!!: The sound isn't as bad as I thought, I discovered there was a problem with my sound setup. My bad, sorry. edit ages later after thread is dead: that is to say, the sound is still shit, just not as quite as bad as I was experiencing. ____________________________________________________________ Players can run through each other and prediction gets really dodgy when players touch: https://youtu.be/SOUIawyszTQ This makes close up fights really awkward. GAMMA FUCKING ADD A GAMMA SLIDER please more minor issues: Players legs are dark and hard to see. Contrast is too high, dark maps and very white sparks and explosions in your face, makes it hard to see clearly, gamma slider might help fix this. Sparks in the face during LG fights sucks. I have a suggestion for changing the hitboxes that might help with the perceived problems with rocket splash in reflex I actually don't know if the current hitboxes are capsules, they are right? Anyway: This would make it easier to hit people's feet with rockets. Just some thoughts I've had while trying to play some duels recently.
  3. Sab0o

    CTF_Sabflags (sabctf1 renamed, fixed)

    Thanks bej, I've fixed all those major issues, I was already thinking about renaming it, but I might not have caught the loading times thing : ) . See OP for update.
  4. http://reflexfiles.com/file/440 it's gr8 update: set team materials on walls so colours work properly fixed loading times (removed unused prefabs, whoops) fixed light leaks
  5. There's a bug when applying materials with colours. Sometimes you get a seemingly random colour on certain brushes! When applying materials to multiple sides of a brush, you get a random colour if you apply it to all of the sides that have the material applied. Not once did I apply material to whole brush in this video. Is it only me that this is happening to? It happens basically straight away, and makes doing materials impossible.
  6. Sab0o

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    Well, cpm removed the clock, which is probably the closest example to removing timers we have.
  7. Sab0o

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    pretty sure removing skill removes skill. Hell yes, the idea of a some super badass guy owning everyone and doing maths while he does it is awesome. I think it'd be like hoonymode, we've given it some tries over the years had some tournaments, it's okay, but nothing special. If it were removing timers though, it'd probably catch on and become popular. Proabbly true, but there are other solutions that don't ruin the game.
  8. Sab0o

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    I think it moves the lower players up, because they now have information a higher player would know through skill/experience. I don't think they will. High skill players already play with extremely good knowledge of the item timings. The theoretical 'new' skills you speak of would have already been found by them.
  9. Sab0o

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    I think timers completely, utterly destroy the skill ceiling. Look at Electro's post earler, he clearly shows that players that previously weren't even contesting him for items because they were godawful, have been boosted to the point where they are challenging every item, where there was once a gap, there now isn't so much. Low level games now look like high level games. Skill ceiling lowered. Timers also lets players who have been on a dying streak, (and therefore may have lost a lot of their sense of the item times in cpm) know exactly what to do next instead of having to re-gather information in order to make their play. This will make killstreaks smaller, the score differential smaller, and comebacks smaller. In otherwords, the game will be more boring.
  10. With the release of the netcode coming up, I thought Reflex needed a ca map similar to q3dm6, which has proved very popular in cpm ca. http://reflexfiles.com/file/108/
  11. Sab0o

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    Just out of interest, have you won any duels where you take control at the beginning and don't lose it for the whole game? Or are you complaining because you keep losing in this manner? I don't know how familiar with CPM duel you are, but even with a moderate difference in player skill, games WILL be like this. That is kind of the nature of CPM duel. So maybe you just haven't found opponents that are of a similar level to you.
  12. Sab0o

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    It definitely matters what map you're playing on. The map can be horribly balanced in favour of the in control player. This can be said about certain bad maps as well (of which Reflex has plenty of at the moment). Also the gameplay/balance in general is mostly broken right now because of the netcode, so in it's current state you may actually be correct, but when a more advanced netcode is implemented, the game will play almostly exactly like cpm, which everyone knows is fine. Wait for the netcode to be implemented before complaining about balance. Most of the good cpm players are sticking to cpm for now because they view Reflex as unplayable due to bad netcode.
  13. Sab0o

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    What maps are you playing on?
  14. Sab0o

    sabdm2 - 2v2, FFA

    Okay.. that works... I must have goofed somewhere. Thanks a lot. I updated the file in the OP.
  15. Sab0o

    sabdm2 - 2v2, FFA

    Awesome, thanks. Were you able to get them to load again after you closed the map?