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  1. Addictus

    Vil1BlackMoon - ATDM

    Hello, Like I stop (by hoping to return), I give you these projects which I hold so much. First post updated with the ReflexFiles link. Enjoy!
  2. Addictus

    Vil1OverKill - ATDM

    Hello, Like I stop (by hoping to return), I give you these projects which I hold so much. First post updated with the ReflexFiles link. Enjoy!
  3. Addictus

    [Gathering] "French speaker" community

    I just canceled my 2 rents of services
  4. Addictus

    [Gathering] European ATDM Clan War

    I just canceled my 2 rents of services.
  5. Addictus

    [Tournament] A2v2 April's Tournament

    Hi, Like I really have some problem with some teams I have just decided to reduce this tournament in Simple Elimination. And for the people who want to know why I could spoke about insults... This A2v2 April's Tournament is ended with an anticipated victory of s7 & promEUs. And of course this proposition is my last.
  6. Addictus

    Vil1OverKill - ATDM

    That's the case of everybody and the raison why you can read this on my post :
  7. Addictus

    Vil1BlackMoon - ATDM

    Hi, This is the second map of our project (). Black Moon was one of the fastest maps for promode runners and of course we couldn't doing our project without this one. In a first time we tryed to completely re-create a new version but this map was one of the biggest map of CA, so, we converted it for the proportions and we worked on this labyrinthine highway : ~1/2 part of the map was re-created and the result is a really better labyrinthine highway! We haven't tested it in a serious train atm but our tests are clearly great! http://reflexfiles.com/file/240 Have Fun! Note : r_bloom 0 was used on and really necessary at the moment! r_dynamic_lights 0 is recommanded for keeping your FPS atm ; and attention this map is literally ardent atm!
  8. Addictus

    New weapon concepts!

  9. Addictus

    mirrored classic maps

    Hi, My bro who map with me said with GtkRadiant there is a magic button : mirror ! Regards
  10. Addictus

    [Tournament] A2v2 April's Tournament

    In first I tryed to use challonge.com man, but the players need to register them and that is not really perfect, I prefer controle it with Steam with a private dedicated Steam Group...
  11. Updated on "[FR] Vil1 Defrag Server Exclusively" : Cheers
  12. Addictus

    [Tournament] A2v2 April's Tournament

    Yes, he accepted to record! Thanks!
  13. Addictus

    [Tournament] A2v2 April's Tournament

    Big thanks! We will start a 5 slots server for the final to be able to have a recorder on it and we'll be able to use the .rep but a record from a spectator is atm our best option I think. Now, of course, if you can make a proper with the record that should be great!
  14. Addictus

    [Tournament] A2v2 April's Tournament

    Hi, In fact we work actually for to be able to do some video of the final for each teams... We don't know atm if our PC are able to do that you know... Regards