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Status Updates posted by def

  1. also fixed inner trims on thermal :ok_hands:

  2. Check-in is underway until 18:00 CET | http://defproject.challonge.com/dp5 GO GO GO

  3. dont forget, dp5 masters is TODAY 18CET

    join the discord!

  4. one day left until dp masters begins!

  5. furnace [dp5] experimental builds out!

  6. hyper hyper!

    soon (-:

    1. Skytoon


      Yeah but how soon

  7. dp4 update out!

  8. dp8-minicup stream www.twitch.tv/def___ starting tomorrow 4pm CEST

  9. msg me, if u want to participate in dp3 - no pickuptimers rule -

  10. plz all participants of dptwo dont forget to join #dp - tournament starts in about 2 hours

  11. watch out final map pool in dp_two thread!

  12. cleaned my VOD Thread to give better loading times <3

  13. #dp_two hype!

  14. We have the first Reflex Worldchampion! Winner of dpone EU+NA: AZK !!! congratulations

  15. Plz all participants of DP_ONE join #dp on quakenet



  16. 3 days left until the tournament #dp_one starts! get ready for it

  17. #dp_one signups closing june, 26th. if u still want to participate, go for it soon ;-)

  18. updated forum profile / about me