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  1. map is now in the steamworkshop -> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378824625

    mapname: Aberration
    gametype: duel
    description: created for Sushi mapping competition
    credits and thanks to: bjarke, fht, mazu, jigsaw, 666, terifire, lugia and all those i forgot
    owner: def

    the map wont get any artpass for now, due to submission for the sushi mapping competition

  2. as long as you own the client you can play offline / online on non-steam servers. there is no drm or something

    but you cant join any steam servers if u dont have licenced it on steam. so no matchmaking / kind of all online servers / no workshop etc.

    ps: talking about movement. there are several rulesets which allow different movement systems like vq3, cpm, etc.

    this also might only be accessed on steam servers

  3. the only Servers that get listed in the Server browser are those with sv_steam 1

    so if you have no Internet Access and cant connect to steam, you cant host/join steam servers

    in that case (LAN) you have to connect with console to the IP. also the Server has to download and save maps (probably rename, except you know all the steam id numbers), because you dont have Access to steam Workshop and cant load anything from it

  4. Region: EU

    Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: probably silver

    Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: mix of goa and dp2 hud

    Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes


    dazed already said everything i would have said

  5. 2 hours ago, truck said:

    Please, use a whitelisting system for lua/modifications. The extra work needed for whitelisting can be figured out (eg. current mods, community volunteers, public votes).

    as Long as stuff is in 3rd Hand it can be changed (even if whitelisted). so thats pretty difficult i guess

    there can still be secret lua stuff implemented thats not shown in widgets menu but with commands

    not sure about that

    i think if they implement a lot of accepted and useful widgets by Default, it will be a great start

  6. 11 minutes ago, ZuLuuuuuu said:

    The search feature for maps inside the game can be improved, for example if I write "reflex" or "train" it does not find the "Reflextrain" map. I need to write "reflextrain" in order to find that map, but it is just easier to remember parts of the map names and being able to search them that way.

    that can be easily done with a workaround.

    like i just put on my maps description keywords, that will also get used for the search.

    like map furnace has dp5 in the description. if u search for dp5, u will see all furnace version of mine

  7. i get your point with server browser. what about the "private match" button just leads you to the server browser then?

    my thoughts is that its obvious to go for any kind of matchmaking match and not the server browser for new people or in general, becoz this seperates the community (which is still too small)

    right now its pretty much server browser only and no matchmaking

    also about quantity of what modes you can select. can you give some examples like what should be in casual and what in comp?

  8. i made some thoughts to what would make the game easier for new players and give a growing playerbase in general

    please be nice while discussing and stay on topic.



    - tutorial starting when you start the game for the first time (can be redone from home screen any time)

    that would be scripted ingame "press forward button, press jump, crouch, do doublejump etc."


    - remove server browser, but add option for "private match"

    - private matches would give an option for a grouped party (current count 4, need to be higher then) to create a full custom match, hosted in the turbo pixel server farm (like matchmaking). you could set everything on your own like timelimit, map, gamemmode, mutator, map editing, etc.

    - non-steam server would still be possible with console "host/connect", which is needed for editor / LAN

    - that means all actual gameservers would spawn off the turbo pixel server farm, like matchmaking

    - every match would be done with quickplay and listed on homescreen and able to spectate, which results in less splitting the community (matchmaking + serverbrowser) and give easier access for everyone

    - make all casual modes being filled with bots, which get replaced when a real player joins and get back when a player leaves (except race)


    - disable saving replays on server, but give the option to download it from the server after match has ended (ingame, e.g. ending screen)

    - add a replay browser from the menu (make them finally accessible)

    Nice to have

    - add leaderboard accessible from the menu

    - add inventory to menu where you can see all items listed (like in your steam inventory)

    - add option to trade ingame with players in your party


  9. 5 hours ago, capo said:

    Heh the problem is i swear to god on 99% only the complicated movement. I have not much quake background, i played a lot a lot unreal back in days, then doom cs 1.5. If you make the movement more easier somehow. You got the player base probably. Like i swear its not really fun practice some dumb jumps for hours. People want play and frag, kill :D. Movement is 99% in this game. Everyone can aim nowadays. Tell w/e you want about some strategies but the movement is everything here. And i told before, doing some dumb jumps for bolts for hours when you miss the pad by centimeters etc, is just dumb. You got later on somehow. But make the jump succesful on 99% all time is maybe 150 hours of reflex. 150 hours of just stress, nervous, and kill ratio 0.001, This is not fun -_-. We need just some good settings for people which want just play something new, with great netcode, different graphics. And then ofc have pure vanilla settings for "stuff". This is really not 2000 when ppl just grinded one game 14 hours a day to being best. People nowadays play a lot games. OW, csgo, h1z1, quake etc...

    i dont agree here that movement is a major part and too hard

    just have a look at rocket league. the real pros do air movement that i am not even close be able to do after round about 700hours

    and its the most successful game on steam