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  1. entik

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    Here's my list of maps/suggested changes. I'm not really sure how I feel about FFA being added to the matchmaking list. If anything, I was expecting it to search for an on-going FFA game and just toss the player into an available server. But I can see how some people might want to start a game fresh, like the way it is now. If it stays like this, maybe the minimum players required for a game can increase to 5+? or have the option to choose the minimum. For me at least, an FFA game isn't really fun unless there's 5+ people. Same goes for instagib. Clan Arena should have the option to play on larger maps, even on low player count matches. A good amount of fun in CA comes from having the freedom to fly around with multiple rocket jumps at high speeds. On the small duel maps, this isn't really possible. Duel maps in general are kinda weird to be playing CA on, but I guess since we're limited on maps to use, it kind of works? A good example of a decent CA map is 'Ascension', on the workshop. Competitive 2v2 timelimit should be 15 minutes instead of 20. Sanctum should be added to Competitive Duel. Competitive Duel should either have a different map veto system where all maps are electable, or do a similar queuing style to that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In CS, you select a map, or multiple, to tell the matchmaking system these are the maps you want to look for a match on. CTF should be 4v4 instead of 5v5. 'SunaStation' by Sab0o is a decent map to add to the CTF and Competitive CTF queues, since there's only 2 at the moment. 'The Gravesite' map by def should be added to 2v2, TDM, FFA. It's usually good for 3-6 players.
  2. entik

    Reflex 0.47.2

  3. entik

    CTF Draft Cup: !add edition

    Feel free to use this. I'm working on a promo video also.
  4. entik

    Throwing Melee

    Nah it shouldn't do 100 damage outright. Either set it to a lower base damage, or you could have it function as a charge up weapon. The longer you charge your throw, the more damage you will do, up to a certain damage ceiling of course. Although I still don't think a full charge should do 100 damage.
  5. entik

    Throwing Melee

    Thought about this as well. I think it would be a pretty cool addition! And like someone mentioned above, make for some pretty cool melee-midair frags.
  6. entik

    UMM with Reflex support

    HYPE! A+ 10/10 would use again.
  7. entik

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    ‚ÄčAgree 100% on this front. I posted something on ESR a couple days ago trying to make this point. I'm not against adjusting Left/Right strafe turning so you don't gain such a big amount of speed doing it. But it shouldn't be adjusted to the point where using W (forward) turning is sometimes the better option to maintain your max speed. It just makes things a lot more complicated when they shouldn't be. Especially when trying to explain the movement to a new comer, who might already be perplexed about just the basics of the movement. To have to tell them you might need to use another turning style to contend at the higher levels is just another wall in the way of getting a new, consistent player. 0.36 movement was pretty annoying to play against, as some other people I'm pretty sure have said. 0.37 movement is a nice compromise, but the now obvious dominance of W turning in some situations should definitely not stay. ‚ÄčThese techniques have been in the game since CPM. Granted, things are a bit easier (ledges being more 'sticky') in Reflex than they were in CPM.
  8. 32/32 already. Considering more slots?
  9. Nice job, I really like this. Could you possibly tweak it or create another version to be similar to the default HUD? (in terms of number size, icons, and background) I tried to mess with it earlier to try to achieve this, but I'm just not well versed in the lua code and didn't have the time to figure it out. I was able to get the numbers larger, but couldn't get the health bar to decrease from left to right and couldn't get the background to stretch over the numbers and icons.
  10. entik

    Post your Reflexrun VODs / times

    reflexjump in 00:31:17
  11. entik

    etk_tourney_1 [WIP]

    So I finally learned how to do stuff in the editor, and it eventually turned into this. Still not finished though, cosmetics and wall aesthetics still need to be added. Screens: http://imgur.com/a/MlRZj Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!0U8WUS5A!SHRO1oYSkkHzssBsjCl3hE54Pl9l6ymkWNQvvBNMnhk Thanks to Zita, Arkore, Remzi for helping me and anyone else who tested with me.
  12. entik

    Duel Matchmaking -> FPSports.eu

    There's no option for USA.
  13. entik

    Terminal (WIP name)

    I thought it played pretty well. - Could use a little more health on the RA side - The trim on the stairs by YA sticks up at the top and can be obstructive. - The steep staircases look weird and are difficult to have battles on. I get the point of them is to provide triple jumps, but I think maybe exploring a different design with stairs + a ramp trim can work, similar to the other YA stairs. At the moment, ramp jumps aren't working exactly how they should be. They should be providing a lot more height, so that's something to consider.